Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday, Jan. 30

He-she--what does it matter really?!  But sure made me chuckle! Magic's bum and legs turned scarlet red from "poo/pee residue".  So very sore and made her cry. So, we would just bathe her little hiney parts gently and blot dry. We couldn't really unfold the legs due to her deformities--legs are so tight. Her health records said she was good to travel.  She has grown enough that now there's a "space" there so her parts are more visible.  Am I making sense?!!  This morning when holding her, I thought I noticed a little poo that needed cleaning. During her bath--lo and behold--there were parts there that were finally visible!! SHE is a HE.  Sure enough, our Magic is a little boy! Rejoice, rejoice--that means one less anesthetic for her, I mean him!

Magic is really doing quite well too. He can scuttle about quite quickly and gives Trucker a run for the money in the speedy department already! He uses the litterbox, providing he can get into it. All feelings of having to potty are there! He has gained about 8 ounces already---that's a half a pound!

We had an adoption yesterday! Betra went to her new home. She's such a beauty and the lady that adopted her was very happy. Tomorrow, Saturday, is Mr. G's day. Remember though, this is not 100% Mr. G picked yet. She has to meet him and be sure he is the one.

We had BOXES last night. I am very grateful for your support.
Pam T--  4 Tubs Temptation Snackers
FaithyMD-- Case of Tiki Cat
Judi Sp--  2 - 40lb bags Precious Cat Litter,   Lounge kitty scratcher
Jatcat--  5 rolls of raffle tickets
Dottie O - NE--  Lots n Lots of stuff to make jewelry.. Haley will love it!
Nona 72 can of 11 oz KMR,  Bag full of milk rings, Bag of feathers & Coupons
Ellen/Kikimykat - Note with picture of Kiki,   sets of 8 cards with envelopes.  cards have pictures of Covies and Porchies with their story on the back,  Catnip
Lou Beth-- 2 pkgs of Advantage Flea Prevention for dogs
Joy & Dan D w/Camo  - Picture of Camo and a Donation
Contessa--  For FFRC and Magic - Snuggle Kitty Warmer

We took in a new cat last Friday, a week ago. His name is Ike and he was here as a wee little kitten and then was adopted when he was 3 months old. The family that adopted him has come upon times where they can no longer keep him. They honored their contract with us by bringing him back. He's a handsome boy--solid grey/silver. He was here in 2008. He is now down on the floor and out and about. Won't be long until he feels comfortable enough to come to the Main Area.

The raffle is on! Wow---it's a beauty of a raffle too! We have 8 items. 5 of the afghans from Rosemary in S. Africa, 1 mink blanket, a very nice leather X-Lg Porsche man's jacket and a copy of the wonderful book of cats with CH of FFRC.  A really nice raffle.  BOXES will be Monday at 5:30 pm with the Raffle at 6:00. Check out the Chatter's FB page, our Twitter page and the FFRCNation page for more info.  Thanks for your support. 

We will be taking on a new cat on Saturday. His name is Hensley and he will be coming from North Carolina. Two people who help the rescue that he's coming from, will transport him here. He is a cat with CH and was told he is moderate. More info later! 

Addison has been playing with a coil toy for about 15 minutes now. He is so clever and does the "quick lean" when he loses his balance. His CH is mild. He loves to play with toys. The Porchies, Covies and the Barnies are doing great. They are all eating good. Today is Friday so the Covies will get their Covie Run this morning and afternoon. When we get enough snow to plow, there is a big circle plowed in the farmyard so the cats, ducks, chickens, geese, peacocks, etc. have plenty of ground space to walk about. 

Toys on the no-no list:  yarn, dental floss, rubber bands, paper clips, dangling curtain cords.
One of the best ways to communicate with our cats is through touch. Most cats love to be stroked, petted and scratched. It can also deliver many therapeutic and health benefits. Try giving your cat a massage too! 

Just as an FYI---Catathon this year is June 28.  Catstock is Sept. 12. Fun times ahead!  If you need phone numbers of hotels and B & B's in the area, here they are: 
 Hampton Inn                 419-784-1515
Holiday Day Express     419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel               419-782-8000
Comfort Inn                   419-784-4900
Def. Bed & Breakfast    419-956-9981

Pld. Bittersweet Inn       419-399-2861