Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weds. Jan. 21

The newbie kittens are doing wonderful! Little Magic is quite an interesting little kitten. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and wants it NOW!  I get such a kick out of her! Her little back legs are quite bent, backwards and atrophied. But, not her spirit! That kitten has gumption! And she's using the litterbox--both for poo and peeing! We were so excited about this! Little Magic is a wonder.

And then there's Addison. I brought him up to the front to be held this morning, which he wanted for all of 3 minutes. And during those 3 minutes, he kept watching the cats playing. Wiggle, wiggle---he wanted down! So, down he went. He didn't hide. Addison went right to the business of the day--play and play and play! What a joy to see this. Right now he's playing with 2 other kittens on the ramp. His CH is definitely mild and he's using the litterbox just fine.

We have some thanks to give! This Rescue Center is always very grateful for the help received.
Amy H/mommaamy--a case of Whiskas Variety pack of Fish
Val, Shelley and Elvira--lots of awesome mouse pads to go into our store---all with pictures by Pat, of the FFRC cats. Different varieties. Thanks so much!
Midwestergirl/Mary C from IL--note and 50 scarves for our Paw-Mart store or raffle. Just beautiful!
Ferole--one awesome artist! Ferole has sent numerous pieces of her artwork for FFRC to use for raffle or for Paw-Mart. There's birds, flowers, trees in design. Just beautiful!
RoseSF6cats--Walter card for FFRC!
Michael R from WI--donation for FFRC, for caring about the kitties and cats
Keiko S from CA--donation to be used where needed
Contessa/Laura--Christmas stocking and a bag of bows (put back for next Christmas!). Also a Hero Cat book by Eileen Spinelli. Contessa knows that I like II Divo, so she sent 2 concert signed programs, one for me and one for my sister Patti, also a certificate of congressional honor that Contessa presented to II Divo, Also a Barbra Streisand CD with special performance by II Divo. Thanks ever so much! What a treasure.

We had our Raffle on Monday night! It was absolutely wonderful! Here's the info about the LJ cat scarves. And also....a huge thanks to LJ for those scarves--very unique!
A-Calico...sold 38 tickets   Winner Penny M/jamiecat
B-Farrah...sold 16 tickets    Winner Pat P/patcat
C-Dark Tiger...sold 17 tickets   Winner Karen Ta
D-Light Tortie...sold 35 tickets   Winner Gusti's friend
E-Farrah...sold 13 tickets   Winner Linda Mar
F-Dark Tortie Tiger...15 tickets   Winner nyckitty
G-Farrah...sold 19 tickets   Winner Glenn Ra
H-Grey...sold 28 tickets   Winner Pat P/Patcat
I-Black...sold 52 tickets   Winner Pamela Tay
J-Tortie & Gold...sold 64 tickets   Winner Ann Dav
K-Farrah...sold 16 tickets   Winner Romeo Mom
L-Black/white...sold 53 tickets   Winner Oldgreymary

Total was $1940---wow! Absolutely wonderful! We also had 4 people who bumped up the total. They were Deb11111, electraNJ, Joco, Gusti.  Thanks ever so much! This made our total bump to $2,225. A very happy Scraffle!

We drew names for consolation prizes. The people who won those were: oldgreymary, bellabelle, clarksmom, Ferole, knittinkitten, missmic. Wolfpatch donated 8 dozen cookies to 2 people--they were knittinkitten and straycatlady.  Thanks, Wolfpatch--we know how delicious they are! Soon, we will have an Afghan Raffle! These are always exciting too.

The money made from the Scraffle will go towards a special medical event. As you know, we had a kitty cold arrive here in the last two weeks. We're doing great now---all appear healthy and definitely ornery and active! But, there were many days we were giving meds to 18-20 cats. This added up and took a toll on our inventory. This Scraffle has allowed us to reorder those items. And all has ended well for the kitties!

I wanted to give you the dates of our two big events for 2015. Please mark your calendars---we'd love to have you come! The Catathon will be June 28 and the Catstock is September 12. Both are very fun events and we surely do enjoy having visitors. The Catathon is an on-line (right on our kitty cam) and is our biggest fundariser of the year. The Catstock is a huge carnival afternoon, complete with a live band. It's all about peace, love and cats! 

Who is one of the cutest black/white cats ever (other than Zelda)? It has to be Bender. Oh my goodness, that boy is wonderful! He is so gentle, so sweet and ready to be adopted. His CH is mild and his heart is huge! We love him lots. Jarvis ranks up with the orneriest of the cats. But there's something else about him---his heart too is huge and he has lots of love to give. He's an all around fun cat! 

All cats seem to purr at the same frequency of 25 vibrations per second.
Normal body temp of a cat is between 100.5 to 102.5 F. Cozy warm cats!
Siamese kittens are born with a white coat which changes as they mature.
The clouded leopard has the longest canine teeth of any cat.

We are working on the cat's collars here inside the Rescue Center. This is no easy job! Each has to be measured to be sure the fit is good. The name tag is added. Then if there is much of a double loop in the collar, those need to be zip stripped so no little toesies can get in there. Also the quick release latch needs to be tested a couple times. It's all about safety. Then we will start on the Covies and Porchies.

Coralie makes me laugh in the mornings at breakfast. She is in the "second go around" for special breakfast plates. She patiently waits in Kitty Campus Room, in the closet with the cat hole door. When I call for her, she puts her leg out the door and meows---it's like she's waving---here I am! Come feed me. So, her plate is put on the cushie with her. 

Sounds like there's a few adoptions coming up! We'll keep you posted!