Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday, Jan. 15

Coralie has pronounced herself Boss of the Kitty Campus Room.  There was a ruckus in the room yesterday morning and she took it upon herself to chase out the cat that was causing it. Down the hallway they both went, with her in hot pursuit! That girl can move! Swish, swish, swish! I caught her in mid swish and she was not happy! Sure made me smile.  What a cat!

We had two adoptions yesterday! Happy news---the twin brothers were adopted together. Abner and Dickens found their home with a wonderful person. He doesn't even care if they get on his counters (which they will!). He loves the fact that they are ornery. I'm so happy for these two brothers.

Our kitty cold that was brought into the Rescue Center is getting better. Our sickest kitten was McHoney. She started eating last night and is really doing much better. Columbus was 2nd sickest, but he's now eating with gusto! It's like a kindergarten class---one brings in a cold, and presto....they all pick it up. But, as mentioned before, viruses can help boost their immune systems. We have tough cats and they will be just fine! 

We had BOXES last night.
Annette--case of Sheba Variety cuts
Laura/medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Nicole B from NY--case of Fancy Feast
Becky M/piperjo--big bag of Purina One Hair ball formula
Ann from UK--card and purse charms for the store
Warped/Connie--boxes of awesome items for the store
Leggygal/Peggy--boxes for the store--wonderful things!
Joco--green fastening tape for computer cords
Henry R Peeps and Ohmyguiness--birthday card for Sevaun and $5
Clark & Jessie & rest of the family--birthday card for Sevaun and $5
Melissa from NY--donation for FFRC
Trudy S from Bryan--donation and coupon
Hannah P from Indiana, our special friend--a donation to FFRC, in memory of her friend Clara's cat Kitty Cat. Thank you, Hannah.  Thanks too for loving tigers!
Butterfly Class from Belguim--thank you so much! Your box finally arrived! Yeah! It was full of Christmas items--ornaments, angels, snow globes, 3 CD snowmen with lite up noses. And paper plate baskets with snackers for all white kitties, Derecho and Pania.  We will show all the volunteers these items!
Simon S from MA--donation to FFRC, as a birthday gift to a friend who is a cam viewer
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC
Nancy Z from NC--donation to FFRC. She cares for a cat colony & does TNR

A special thanks to an anonymous donor. Last night, our last box to be open was something I never expected. It's a portable animal ICU unit. It's a water-lined warmer with a dome unit. It also has a canister nebulizer for medications. I was completely blown away by this wonderful gift. I am so so grateful. I'll be reading all about it to learn how to properly use it and care for it. It has so many different ways of providing help to us. I'm just thrilled. Thank you so much to our anonymous donor. 

Today is Sevaun's birthday. With her birthday money received (mentioned above), we will, as always, purchase hamburger and turkey. We'll brown it, drain it  and share it out! The cats love this! Sevaun came to us from Dr. P's office way back on 1/10/04. She was born 1/15/03, which makes her 12 years old. Hard to believe we've had her for 11 years! She loves to play with the tracker toys.

Monna, our long hair gold kitten, is coming along. She was not use to lots of handling before she arrived, but every day is easier for her. She's a beauty! Jersey loves his morning snackers. Star is doing great---feeling better. And I do believe I've seen him moving his tail a little better the last few days. We're keeping an eye on that. He's a happy cat! Kiara so loves her warm laundry in the mornings---curls right up in the middle of the pile to take her nap.

Norton and Teagan---what two good friends and brothers. They love to play together! Scott loves to follow us around when scooping is being done---he's the scooper assistant. Corby is becoming the pro at the Cat Go Round Wheel--he sure can make it zip. Honor is a sweetie--so loves to be cuddled.

Our scarf raffle starts tomorrow, Friday. There are 12 scarves that LJ made--all colors of different cats! Have a cat to wrap around your neck!  Check out the info on chatters facebook and our Tweet page and on FFRCNation.  It begins tomorrow and ends Monday morning at 9:00.  Drawing will be that evening. Boxes will be at 5:30 pm and the raffle at 6:00 on Monday.  Thanks for your help. These scarves are ever so cute!

A cat's skeleton is composed of about 250 bones.
A group of cats, when not a litter, is called a clowder.
A group of such kittens is called a kyndyl.
The first cats to occupy the White House belonged to Willy Lincoln, Abe's son. 

A year ago, this Rescue Center made an increased commitment to help special needs cats and kittens. We have been doing this.and with much joy. This week we were asked to take on 2 kittens---from different foster mamas, but both from TN. We said yes.  One is Snoopy, a young kitten, with mild CH, a black/white boy. The second is Storm, a little kitten, female, that it sounds like has legs similar to Trucker. These two kittens will be transported to Ohio with a group of puppies that are going to a different rescue. We will be picking up the kittens early Sunday morning and bringing them to FFRC. More info as I get it. I thank you in advance for your support of what we do here at FFRC---means a lot to me.