Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday, Feb. 1

Welcome to Hensley and Yambilu.  Hensley arrived from North Carolina and was brought here by two volunteers. He's about 5-6 months old, a grey/brown tiger. Very very sweet. He is a kitten with moderate CH. We had him out and about last night in the back Thumper's Room--he really likes Trucker and Magic and was playing. 

Yambilu, pronounced yam-bee-lou is a name from Name a Cat and it means Heart. He was found at a volunteer's friends' place of work. Yambilu arrived a bit hungry, dirty and very needy. He loves to be petted and hugged. He had his bubble bath and looks squeaky clean now. He has a tiny sore on the back of his ankle, but other than that, he is in good condition. Yambilu will lay on his back and wiggle his way towards you to be petted!

Our Mr. G was adopted yesterday. His new mama saw him as soon as she arrived. Lots of petting, then she proceeded to pet all the other cats, but ended back with Mr. G.  He was soaking it all up! I've seen 3 pictures already of him in his new home--looks like a happy boy already! 

We had quite a few visitors yesterday--hopefully some of these will results in more adoptions! The people that want to visit and see Columbus will be here Weds. They will spend the night and leave Thursday morning. They are interested in adopting two kittens! Addison will be leaving on Sunday. 

Ike is doing pretty good.  He's still not ready to make that step into the Main Area, so we will continue to be patient with him. He's a handsome guy. He sure loves to be petted.

As many of you know, we are expecting quite a snowstorm today. It's already begun and to continue snowing all day. Last night, a big check was done on all the Barnies--their food dishes are full, warm can food was given and their heat lamps are on. The Covies and Porchies are all snug. The Covies have already been told they won't get their "out and about" today---too much weather today.  Shyla, the cat that likes to stay in the open Feline Fieldhouse is all snug--blankies fluffed and dry food refilled. The ducks, geese, chickens and peacocks got extra feed last night. The lean-to for the donkey and goats has fresh straw in it. The baby bunnies are happy and dry and protected. Horses will be out for only an hour today--have to be careful because there's a little ice under the snow. Wilson took a fall the other day--he's ok, but not a good thing to have happen. 

We did BOXES yesterday early afternoon. We are always so thankful for your support.
Billie K--4 cans salmon, Bumble Bee
Pam T/zoolove--big container of Temptations Tumblers
Donnajb1951--we were out of volunteer snackers, but no longer!  Austin cookies and cracker, Frito Classic Mix Pack, apple juice boxes and a Nabisco variety pack--big thanks!  Also a tub of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, spring toys, 4 cat teaser toys, 3 big Mr. Clean, 2 dozen kitty snackers
Michelle/Callie &Frank/Harry--4 gallons of bleach and of vinegar
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation for FFRC
Carmel & Geoff S from Australia--donation to FFRC
Pauletta/badwolfnc from NC--donation to FFRC, in honor of Angelface52
Eric (moderator) & Carrie--cans of chicken, salmon, tuna and kippers. Also doggie snackers, kitty snackers and volunteer snackers! 

A big thanks to all of you who purchase Amazon items thru FFRC--we received a payment of $705.31 from Amazon! How wonderful. 

I'd like to say a big thanks to Kathy/JustMe. She sure surprised me two days ago! A van pulled into the parking lot, from Ken's Furniture, bringing to our Kitty Kastle, a brand new mattress and boxsprings. Wonderful! So so comfortable! This is a "pay it forward" gift from Kathy. Thanks too to Angie for helping with the details of this. Ken's Furniture is a wonderful business here in town and worked hard to help Kathy with this gift. If you'd like, please send a thank you to   I also mentioned on cam, that I will do an act of "pay it forward" to help someone. Thanks, Kathy!  I'm grateful.

Our raffle is still on! 5 beautiful afghans, 1 mink blanket, 1 Porsche men's jacket and the awesome FFRC book of CH cats! Tickets are $5.00. BOXES will be 5:30 Monday evening and the Raffle will be at 6:00 pm.   Come join the fun. Of course, we will have consolation prizes too!

When you see our admins and mods, please give a special thanks to them---they all work so hard for FFRC.  I am grateful for them. It's peaceful here. Chauncey and Leopold are tussling together. Tammy is asleep on my desk. Coralie is in my lap. Zelda is right close to me. Rebecca is playing and feeling so much better. Caleb and Sunnie J are playing footsie together. The snow is falling and is so pretty. Time to go in and spend time with my house kitties. Have a great day.