Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday, Feb. 12

Tomorrow is our big Fiver Friday! We hope to make it fun for you, while letting you know more of what goes on here at FFRC. 

Ada Jane so enjoyed her birthday! All the cards, well wishes, extra good treats and food---made for a great day for her. She's doing good this week. Is eating pretty well!  Rebecca is hanging in there. She's gained 2 ounces but is still half the size of her siblings. She's trying though. She's a real sweetie and takes her syringe feedings very nicely.

We had BOXES last night. We are vrey thankful for your kindness
Pam T/Zoolove--Book: I Could Pee on That and other Stories. Valentines Happy Birthday to Ada Jane and a donation for snackers, 4 sets of wonderful sheets for Kitty Kastle
KnittenKitten/Donna H--2 great kitty purses
Wayne B from CA--12 cans Mackerel & 12 cans sardines
Cessna & Wayne--lots of cans of Tuna, Sardines and Mackerel! 
Kerswill--Extra long pipe cleaners for adoption bags, Tuxie microwave warm up kitty!, K-Kups Rescue Roast Coffee, Puzzle for Amy, Box tops/Pop tabs for Kellen/Caryn, Snackers for Volunteers for Valentine's Day, salmon, tuna and snackers for kitties, thank you notes/posties
Diana from S.A.--ten of the best scoopers anywhere!
Bruce S--donation in memory of Gerry S.
Mary Alice W.--donation in memory of Gerry S.
Macncheesemom/Susan M--card with donation for the 11 new cats coming in
LostGirl--card for Valentine's Day
From all the cats here--sent a wonderful Valentine Card to me!
Neuromom Sherri & David--Valentine Card and a Seymour Card * Fiver Friday donation
Jessie & Clark--2 wonderful packs of Fives for Fiver Friday! Love these 2 kitties!
Lynn & Gary from SC--note with donation
Maria S/Snoopybaby--birthday card for Ada Jane and a donation
Diane D from MI--Fiver Friday donation
Mark S--2 BIG bags of Precious Cat Litter--thanks--we used them this morning! 
Tracy L--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Judith M from NJ--donation in honor of Ada Jane's 20th birthday
Nelly W from NC--donation for Ada Jane's 20th birthday for treats for her & friends
Adrian and Patch and Malcolm--donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday for snackers
FaithyMD and Bobby--2 pairs kitty slippers, purse, 2 rose throws, coupons and a bag of pop tops for Kellen
Domingo F--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

We had an adoption yesterday! Our young Noble went to his new home. The really neat thing about this is that he picked his mama! She came here for the second time with an open heart and Noble grabbed her! I've already heard from her and she said Noble is doing wonderful! I've also heard from Soon-Ja's new family. All is well and happy. Soon-Ja is already sleeping with her little girl at night!

What does Magic like best?  There's 3 things---his own tail that he chases, the squeaky bird toy hanging from the ceiling and the third is Trucker's tail! Trucker is so patient with him. I just love that Solee girl. When you sit on the floor, she backs up to you so you can scratch her back! 

The Covies were out running this past Sunday and Tuesday. Their next run-around is Friday. We always bring Jonah inside during this time just because of his age. The others stroll in and out of Kitty City all day long, but have all been coming back 100% when the supper call goes out.  We have a big surprise coming in regards for the Porchies and Covies. The BIG NEWS will be told during the Fiver Friday! We are so excited! 

We will have another adoption tomorrow--about 4:00-4:30. Bounty will be going to her new home. This kitten was born to purr! She loves everyone and everything.

Yambilu is sure coming around--so sweet and has a good purrer. Right now, there's a nuthatch on the feeder attached to the window of the purple office. There's about 6 cats checking it out. I can't wait for spring to be able to get those windows open!

Take care to everyone. It's so nice to see the friendly chat on the cam, the nice remarks and feedback on the facebook. I can always feel your smiles. Thanks for caring!