Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday, Feb. 15

We're gonna have a party!  We're gonna have a party! Cats and humans are excited. I can't hardly wait! Come join the fun. At 5:30 in the evening on Monday, we will do BOXES.  As soon as BOXES are over, we will have our Celebration of Fiver Friday, including an announcement of the final GRAND TOTAL.  

I want to extend my apologies for not getting all the emails done Friday. I was overwhelmed with emails/paypals. A wonderful, wonderful thing! I kept working the computer as fast as I could, but come time to do our last Announcement for the day, there were still many emails yet to take off.  I'm so sorry, but a good "problem" to have! 

If, when we are done and you did not get a thank you from me by email, let me know. There were 3 times I had to stop printing because the printer over-heated!  lol   So, I might've lost an email or two in the process. 

Saturday a friend, Chris and I went to the Cat Show, so no computer time until mid afternoon. We had a very nice time at the Cat Show. Didn't have such a great time coming home though. The little snow we got was kicked up fiercely by the wind. White outs and slippery roads were there off and on all the way home. I was so thankful to get back safely. Chris also made it home safely. We saw many different cat breeds and lots of cat vendors. And.....I didn't come home with a cat! Brought home a few toys though. 

Saturday evening and Sunday morning was spent taking the remainder e-mails from the computer. What excitement! I cannot wait to share all the news! Here's a run-down of Fiver Friday. 

4 am            $1,550
6 am            $1,725
8 am            $2,480
10 am          $3,682
Noon           $4,462
2 pm            $6,452
4 pm            $12,505.40  **We had an additional donation to boost this.  More below!
6:00 pm      $13,930.40
8:00  pm     $15,678.40

We have a plan. A mighty great plan! And we're excited. We shared this at Fiver Friday with everyone. As many of you know, we have had some of our Covies mysteriously disappearing on their Run-Abouts, only to show back up 5-7 days later. Enough to cause such stress here. We have been so so worried.  As soon as spring has arrived, we will set a date for our new Fencing Compound Project. This project is: an almost 500 foot fence going around a very large area with the Cat's Cove and FieldHouse enclosed inside. The Porchie Haven will be moved over to this Compound too! AND.....a real building so we no longer have to move the Covies up for winter. They can wander around anytime they want to. They can be in the Cove, they can go in Porchie Haven, they can go in the heated new building---whatever and whenever they want too! This will be for the Covies and the Porchies! We must think of their safety! As soon as the ground is thawed, Dion will be pouring the concrete. We will try and do the entire compound in one weekend--we may have big hopes though! More info later, but this will get the idea across to everyone! 

The cost for the fence, which is by Purrfect Fence and made for cats and other animals is wonderful. The cost, with our vet discounts, our multiple roll discount and because they like rescues, will come to $3,916.75. We have a viewer friend, LJ who is covering this cost! I am deeply grateful. Please, when you see her, send out an extra thanks to her! I am beyond overwhelmed by the whole Fiver Friday!  Please also send a special thanks to Deb11111 for her extra donation for Fiver Friday. 

The cost for the new building is $14,452. There will be plenty of room for the 16 Covies and 12 Covies as the size will be 16 x 24. 

I am tremendously grateful for each and every single donation made for Fiver Friday. As you know, the main goal was to help us with the many items that we need to cover that are above what we receive for BOXES. Things like insurance, syringes, monthly flea prevention, all the vaccinations, antibiotics, surgical supplies, utility bills, sewer bills, cleaning supplies, disinfecting floor cleaner, FIV/leukemia tet kits, Giardia test kits--just lots and lots of items. This FIver Friday sets my mind to ease. I am humbled beyond belief at your support. 

Thanks too for Yankeechick who provided a scrumptious lunch for us on Friday. And Zoolove had a very delicious beautifully decorated cake delivered to us on Friday. We were spoiled rotten! 

And to top it off, we still have thanks to give! We had BOXES THursday evening.
Laura/Medic 101--case of Fancy Feast
Pat, our THursday volunteer--snackers, baby food and her craft items for Paw-Mart
Faithy & BObby--case of Whiskas packets
Wayne B--24 big cans of chicken
Shelly H from MI--More FFRC kitty Mouse pads--they are wonderful
Judi R from FL--4 cans of chicken, 21 cans of Fancy Feast, 6 kitty snackers
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--Happy Valentines for the volunteers!  2 cans of Moose Munch Gourmet Popcorn from Harry & David. YUM
Tabbycat--case of Girl Scout peanut butter cookies--they're  already shamelessly being devoured!
Schinn/Susan with Cleo & Ralph--valentines card with a donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund.
Eleanor G from NJ--donation to FFRC
Pat & Ellen, volunteers--donation to sponsor Farrah and a portion of their sales.

Chris, who I went to the Cat Show with, made her annual donation to FFRC, in memory of her Joey who passed away many years ago. I thank you, Chris. 

**IMPORTANT** I would like everyone to know this. Lilies can kill cats. Please be extra cautious. Some are so potent to cats, that even inhaling the pollen can make them very sick and can cause death. I know a cat that died last night from lightly biting once into a lily plant. Two common lilies are the Easter Lily and the Stargazer. Just please, be extra cautious, especially when Easter comes. Keep your cats safe. 

I love this little thought:  (author unknown)
Cats come into our lives to teach us about love,
they depart to teach us about loss.
A new cat never replaces an old cat,
It merely expands the heart. 
If you have loved many cats,
Your heart is likely to be very big.

A big discussion was had yesterday that I found very interesting. What is a friend? A friend can mean so many things. It can be someone who knows you so very well and still cares with the whole heart. Usually the words "respect", "loyalty" and "honesty" come up. These are key parts of forming a friendship that is trustworthy. These may be considered the backbone of friendships. A friend doesn't play mind-games. They are there for you ..... just because!   A friend has your back, one who cares about you no matter what, one who defends you, comes to your aid and listens to you. It's a relationship that is formed where both sides feel "safe" with one another. It's a great thing! I feel our FFRCNation speaks volumes about friendships. 

Life is too short for negative drama and petty things. So laugh, love truly and enjoy your friends and family! See you tomorrow at the Celebration of Fiver Friday!