Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday, Feb. 27

We're starting out with our thanks! We had boxes last night and I sure did enjoy it! Many thanks.
Nona--68 cans of tuna, 12 cans of salmon
Plee--5 dog snackers, bunches of blankies/catnip pads for the kitties!, 2 bags of catnip toys--really nice, doggie snackers, kitty snackers, 8 packets of FF broth, post it notes, 25 file folders and misc. office supplies
Katie L from Canada--2 boxes Mr. Clean erasers, lots of spring toys, 2 stick cat toys, 9 bags kitty snackers, doggie snackers, 6-3 packs of Clorox Wipes, 4 scratch/massage beds, 200 9" styrofoam plates, lots of Zanie toys--balls, mice and mylar balls
Lannml--1000 9 inch styrofoam plates
Clark, Jessie and rest of family--birthday card for Asha and the birthday $5
Anita S from NY--card, article about Dravin & a donation in memory of Dravin
Amsprinkle--box tops, paw prints, cat cartoon on a framed foam board
Aliece T from Australia--donation for FFRC
Christine H from VA--donation to help with Sevaun's cell phone bill!
Wanda--our wonderful artist friend--a donation for a portrait that she recently did

We also did BOXES Weds. evening--we are grateful for what you do us!
Michael/sophieandlucysdad--20 bags of assorted snackers for the cats
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--4 of the 10 packs of Whiskas Purrferectly Fish
Dottie & Nathan--card and stickers, a beautiful butterfly spiral mobile that will go in the Butterfly Room
Joanne Z/jz-nyc--case of Friskies gravy lovers, kitty snackers, potty bags, bag of pop tops
AuntyFi--for Alma's birthday--a big pillow that will have her name put on it
Mayumi--FFRCNation Tokyo Branch--birthday gift for Jacci's mom, 2 bags of snackers for volunteers, foil meat pack treats and 40 bags of fish steaks---yum!
Connie/warpedinMN--carramels (soooo delicious), 4 replacement mop heads and 18 fleece vests 
Alan from UT--donation to FFRC
Cheri W/neuromom and David--smpathy card in memory of Coz
Jean K/bean-mn from MN--donation in memory of Cozi
Tracy L from OH--coupons for us to use!
Anonymous Friend--40# bag of Precious Litter
Anonymous Friend--24 rolls of Sparkle paper towels

Our tshirts are now ready! They are really nice. We decided to go with tshirts because spring is truly right around the corner. Come Fall, we hope to do a long sleeve item. The shirts are royal blue and a royal purple. They have the logo on the front. On the back, it says:  
FFRC Nation
Many Countries
One Heart
One Mission
One Nation
These shirts are $20 for small thru 2 xl and $22 for 3 & 4 xl.  They are of good quality. If interested, simply go thru PayPal and put in a message as to what you'd like to order. Or you can send a check. 

The pictures for Fiver Friday arrived last night, thanks to Pat B. We will be getting these sent out very quickly! 

We had a report from PetFinders this week. The previous 7 days showed we had 2,141 total views (305 pet view per day). Their average for all Petfinder shelters/rescues is 162. This is why I feel it's important to keep up our stats in our site. Here's something of interest--the breed with the most views overall is the domestic short hair, black/white.  Come on, Jarvis--you can do it--we're going to find you a home! 

The birds have been eating heavily at the bird feeders, which the cats love. They spend hours a day watching them. Joey is right now half on a window sill and half on a Kuranda Tower watching. Every once in a while, he'll leave out a chirp. So entertains the cats!

For those of you who are concerned about Walter---we are aware of his circling again. It's so difficult/ Many of the drugs that help with this are simply not working for him. We are in the process of trying something new soon. We try to distract him and redirect him when he's doing this.It doesn't seem to bother him. It probably worries us more than it bothers him......that's because we all care!

It's here!  It's here! The Covies/Porchies new fence is in. We are thrilled and excited. We have the design figured out, just need Spring. It's in 15 boxes and weighed about 600 pounds!  A webcam friend asked a very good question. Were the doors to this new enclosure have double door entries? The answer is yes. There will be 2-30 inch doors, both with a double door. There will also be a 60 inch door, with a double door that is big enough to open, drive the tractor thru, shut the gate and then open the inner gate. That way we can get the tractor in to mow without a cat getting out. 

Milo and NeMoo are playing. NeMoo taps Milo, who promptly falls over, so NeMoo also falls over. I think she does it to make Milo feel better! Vernon has this "thing" with the litterboxes. He loves to follow the scooper-person around and "bother" them while they're scooping. He just gets so much fun from this. 

Magic is growing. As he grows, his rear legs tend to "fold in" more around his bottom. He's able to get to the litterbox and potty just fine, but sometimes it's hard for him to not carry the poo with him. He's just such a wonderful kitten---so patient with his bum cleanings. He's now 2.06 but we will wait until he's closer to 3 1/2 pounds to schedule his first surgery. He's beginning to get into the low litterboxes by himself, so he is indeed growing! 

Brea and Yambilu are doing just great. Their incisions from their spays are just fine. Honor loves to lay on the narrow yellow cat walk by the window overlooking the parking lot--I've even heard him chirp when he sees cars pulling in! Corby is our walker on the wheel lately. He can log miles on it, but he does it at his pace--normally a slow gait. He so looks like he enjoys it. 

The Barnies are doing great. Each day they get braver and being out more. This next week we will start opening the doors for them to go in and out. Normally we don't wait this long, but due to the weather, we wanted to for sure know they were warm and safe.