Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday, Feb. 6

I love looking around at all the cats here. It's quite amazing to me. Just like when you have a roomful of people--we're all so different from one another--and that's a wonderful thing. It's like that with the cats and kittens too. They each have their own personalities! And that's why, when we have an adoption, I love it when people really figure out the personalities--which one would make a good match. It gives me great joy when the new family calls me and lets me know that all is well. The bottom line is to find wonderful, loving homes for these cats and kittens where they become a family member!

We had BOXES last night and also the night before! I am so very thankful for your support, which gives me twofold things---the gift itself and the support it means. Thank you.
Pat, our Thursday evening vol--delivered 75 cans kitty food & litter and doggie snackers/food from Wal-Mart, where she works. So nice of her.
Julie P-2 cases baby food
Eaglewatcher/Beth--For Trucker--case of Canidae, case of canned venison & a bag of dry venison grain free
Laura/Medic101--case of Fancy Feast
Cheryl L/momreadz from PA, with Brotherman, Buggy and BooBoo Binkins--14 wonderful crocheted Catghans--for all to share, scratcher board and a crinkle tunnel
Phylis B/kittiesmom with Emmie & Buddy--Valentine card with note & donation
John & Suzanne C from FL--kitty card with note and donation
Vinnie in Cleveland OH--birthday card for Ada Jane's 20th birthday on the 10th
Sev, our mod--Happy Birthday Valentine for THomas with a poem.
Donnajb--4-40 lbs bags Precious kittylitter, Katmandu Bonito Flakes, Crazy cat toys, highlighters, tape, rainbow paper, paper clips
Joco-JoAnn--tube socks for Steve!, very funny pictures for Dr. Darcy!, and Puffcorn for all-super delicious!
Scott & Cathy/svcathy--kitty snackers, bonito flakes, 12 cans chicken, Lysol wipes
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--box of Apple Cider k-cups
Susan L from OR--cat grass, catnip, snackers, Sheba can food, kitty brush and lots of toys
June K--2 lg bottles L-Lysine
Zoolove--tube socks for Steve!
Gossamer--brown fuzzy poof (that Ratchet promptly claimed!), case of variety of kitty can foods
Billie K--cans of Tuna, chicken and sardines-yum!
Susan345--2 cases of Dixie hot/cold cups & lids
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Bobby & Faithy--6 cans chicken
Kelly R/littleonemine--2 red soft kitty beds, q-tips, postie notes, 2 inch tape, lots of variety of can food, leopard blankie & a pink blankie, passport welcome rug, a rock for our garden! and a special scratch/play pad for Coralie
Emma--day visitor--Fresh Step litter, cans of tuna and chicken

We also had some PayPals come in!
Hallie G--for a monthly donation
Janet M--for a monthly donation
Debbie/lostgirl from NJ--donation to help with the 11 incoming barn cats
Kelley F from TX--donation for FFRC
Renee C from Canada--donation for FFRC
Arden & Charmaine from IN--donation to help with the new barn cats
Julie A from CA--donation to help with Trucker's medical bills
Shannan W--for a monthly donation

Next week our Barnie population will grow. A man who has had some of life's hard knocks, needs to place his 11 barn cats. These are not ordinary barn cats, but friendly cats who even know their names. We will start them out in the big red barn, We will close the doors so they can figure out the barn before we turn them loose on the farmyard. I hope they all become comfortable and find the various barns to their liking. 

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Murphy and Columbus are now residents of Chicago! They went to a wonderful new mama and dad. We've already received some pictures and the two kitties sure look very happy already! We've also heard from the different families that adopted Jemima, Betra and Mr. G.  Sounds like all is well and going smoothly!

Every once in a while I like to remind folks of this---if there has been an error in anything that has happened with you, in regards to purchases made, emails, anything, please feel free to email me about it. 

A special thanks to 2 anonymous friends who donated a sleeper sofa to FFRC, to be used in the Kitty Kastle! It's beautiful! On Wednesday, Ken's Furniture pulled again into the parking lot! What an awesome surprise. I understand that Ken's Furniture pulled out all stops in trying to help these two FFRC friends to be able to make this possible. We're thrilled. It fits beautifully in Kitty Kastle. Thank you to our friends and to Ken's Furniture!

Some of you might remember Fiver. He was a little kitten that arrived here with a mama and his siblings. He arrived here on July 11, 2012. Poor little fella had a terrible eye injury from glass that happened during a bad storm. Unfortunately he passed away shortly after eye surgery. He represented a lot to us. A little kitten that arrived in sad shape, left this world way too soon, but was happy, full bellied and with a full heart. This next Friday, we will have a Fiver Friday. This is a fundraiser to help FFRC while heading into the spring season which means kitten season. We are hoping that, if you are able, you can donate a fiver, a $5.00 to FFRC on 2/13. If you'd like to mail it in, you can do this early, but please mark the envelope Fiver Friday. This will be a day long event. The entire day will be designated Fiver Friday. Starting early, PayPals will be checked. We will continue to check our PayPals often. Every 2 hours or so, we will come to the cam, announce our total, which we will keep track of on a chart, for the entire day! We will also put a note up to represent your donation (name only, not amount) and keep showing that throughout the day.  You'll hear the full story of Fiver. You'll hear about many of our monthly bills that we have and where our money goes. The donors will also receive in the mail, a special Valentine thank you from different FFRC cats. It'll be a busy, fun, exciting day. Please join us! Fiver Friday--Feb. 13, Friday--all day!

Yambilu is doing better and better. She is getting braver and more sure of herself. Her ears with the frostbite seems to be healing a bit each day. Ike still hasn't emerged from the Thumper Rooms---he has no interest (yet) of coming into the Main Area. We're still waiting! Magic spends some of his days in the Main Area, some of the time taking naps in his pen. Hensley is using his litterbox! We want this to be a firm habit of his, so we still place him in his pen several times a day, just as a reminder. For a kitten that never used it before, he's doing really great. And such a sweet love he is. He has that generous personality, like Vernon. 

We are expecting Addison to go to his new home this weekend. Also Caleb and Norton will be leaving this late afternoon. These are three wonderful kittens, finding their new homes. 

There must be a big meeting in the Kitty Kabana---I just saw 7 cats go walking in there, one after the other! I best go.....need to see what the scoop is!