Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday, Feb. 17

I have some sad news to share with you folks. We lost a dear cat friend this morning. Cozarelii passed away. These things are always so difficult for me to tell. Coz was fine when I came out at 4:30 am. I saw him out and about. About 5:10, I went to the back Thumper's Room and he was there on a rug, unresponsive. Both Lisa and I petted him. I then put him in a pen. My plan was to hurry and finish feeding breakfast to everyone and then by that time, I'd be able to call our vet. Unfortunately, he passed away pretty quickly. His front feet were warm, his back feet were like ice. Coz had a severe heart murmur. My thought is that he probably threw a cardiac embolism (clot). This is the worry with severe heart murmurs. Regardless, our Cozi is gone but he passed peacefully and quietly. I thank the volunteers and all of you for caring about this sweet boy. He arrived here just 2 years ago. 

Tomorrow, Angie, Dawn S, Lynnette and myself will be going to Columbus for the OVMA conference. Lots of educational classes. We will split up and take classes that we personally would like to attend. We will arrive home sometime late Friday afternoon. The volunteers will do an awesome "job" while I'm gone, as they always do! 

While I will be at the conference, I will do very little computer work. Please, go lightly on the emails for me! That will help! Thanks!

We had some wonderful news last night at our FIVER FRIDAY celebration. It was indeed an evening of celebration. I am so deeply appreciative of the support that FFRC receives. We went into the evening, knowing we had $15,678.40.  After getting the last paypals/checks added in, we arrived at $19,245.20.  BillyPogo made a significant donation to top it up with $800. Jobear also gave a donation to top up.  So.........the final count is $20,095.20. We had 501 participants, which is so amazing!  If I somehow missed your name, I'm extremely sorry. Please let me know. I feel very honored and humbled by this show of support. My thanks to you all. My promise is to use every single penny wisely and to the max.

Ada Jane ate like she was starving yesterday. What a joy to see her gobble up the food. Jonah is still inside and seems to be enjoying himself. Thomas has not had a seizure in the last week, but has had several of his "episodes". These are the 3 cats that are top of our "watch list". 

We have about 5 families looking seriously at cats/kittens right now. I believe, on Saturday, we possibly may have 2 adoptions. Today, Marmalade and Sunnie J will be adopted together. They will be going into a home that is quiet--with a mom/dad and 2 young adults still at home. Sounds like a nice atmosphere for these two cats! Ike is also on hold and will be leaving Saturday morning.

Yambilu is doing good. Her ears are healing. Brea's ears also are looking better. Both of these kittens had frostbite on the outer part of their ears. Jarvis is a nut---plain and simple. We love his fun ways. He is now very attached to these small pompom balls that he carries around quite often. Tabitha is so smart. She knows how to use her head to figure things out. She's a fun girl to watch as she plays with her toys. 

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you all.
Pam T--pair of purple Sloggers for me to weather the outdoors in!  Special thanks!
Mary & Bill C, lurkers from MN--kitty snackers, Friskies cans, 10 rolls of 2 inch scotch tape, container of catnip
Beth/eaglewatcher--box of Quaker Variety Pack of Chewy bars, box of Lorna Dunes cookies, 10 jugs of Odo Ban, 2 boxes of Bugles treats for the volunteers.  Thanks for helping us with the people snackers!
NYCKitty45--2 of the 12 packs of Woolzies Balls for our dryers
Donna/Knittinkitten--3 of the 3D cat face print purses---these are just so cute!
Janet B and Alleycat--From the Vermont Country Store: 2 bags of choclate covered fish gummy candy , 2 bags sugar free hard candy
LJ323--2 bags Sunkist Fruit Gems, 4 cans chicken, 2 cans clams, 3 bags kitty snackers and 12 wonderful kitty scarves in all colors!! Big thanks!
Neil & Jean S--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

We also had a special recognition to Kathy/JustMe as this is the beginning of her retirement! Her place of employment sent a donation in her honor! Congratulations, Kathy!

Yes, the new t-shirts are in. They are a royal blue and a purple. Sometime soon when we get back from the conference and settled back in, we will get started on them! 

Keep an eye on our Defiance Crescent News for this Sunday. It'll have a box ad in it in regards to DOVE and her story.  She lost a leg and some toes on her other front leg due to a leg hold trap. About 3-4 weeks ago, we told Coralie's story. We are trying to increase people's awareness and concern for these things. 

Take care to everyone during this time of great weather problems. Stay warm and safe. You all are very wonderful! Give your kitty and other pets a special hug today, in memory of our Cozi.