Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday, Feb. 3

What a wonderful raffle! Thank you all for making it a success! First, we had a box to open! Thanks to SonJa, our moderator for the bunches of kitty snackers---for SonJa and friends! As you said--gotta have those snackers!

Then we did the Raffle! It was fun, extremely helpful to FFRC and worth a few laughs!
A--Afghan Winter Sky--won by BeanMN   (51 tickets)
B--Porsche Jacket--won by Lannml (42 tickets)
C--Mink Blanket--won by Luvtheanimals (69 tickets)
D--African Flowers Afghan--won by Kaseyann/Karen (67 tickets)
E--Jade Pineapple Afghan--won by Macncheesemom (46 tickets)
F--Cabin in the Woods Afghan--won by Gisa Zig  ( 51 tickets)
H--The Story of Us Book--won by Quinceysmom (231 tickets!!)   
Total:  $3,380.

Big thanks to Donnajb, Keiko, Nikka, Joco and FloppyJan for topping off the total for the Raffle! Our Grand Total for the Raffle was $3,610.  I am grateful. I even heard a cat cheer going up, led by Derecho for all the support! I promised Trucker, who was asking so politely, that a little chicken snack would be given! 

We also had Consolation Prizes. Those that won are: Jimmy, Anonymous Friend, RaspberryJam, Eaglewatcher, Debbie Joh, MadisonPepper, Joco, Kathy3103, Ron Rob, Frandavis16, Missyhoho, Joanna Bal, Newfiedogmom and Donnajb! Many thanks. 

I can hardly contain myself! Yeah for Hensley!  He has now pooed and peed several times in the litterbox! What exciting news! It's still a work in progress, but we're going in the right direction. Today we should receive a different medicine for Trucker that Dr. Darcy wants to try. As soon as it arrives, we will start it. We probably will not have a surgery date this month. 

NOW is the time to spay/neuter those cats and kittens that did not get done last year. Please.....don't wait much longer. Next month is spring--days are already getting longer. Cats will start back up in heat in March and presto---kittens galore. This is a universal problem---too many babies. You truly can play an important part in saving lives. Every single intact cat that you spay/neuter is a life-saver. 

As you know, our area got a huge amount (for us!) of snow on Sunday. I heard on the news that we received 13 inches. Schools were closed Monday, delayed today. Our parking lot is now plowed and roads are plowed but slick and ice-packed. The farm animals are doing great--lots of extra care has been given to them. We were short of help on Sunday and a bit on Monday too. Elizabeth stayed here for 2 nights to fill in. Extra big thanks--a huge amount of help! 

Ike is doing good. He's still shy but is slowly gaining his confidence. Yambilu is wonderful--loves to purr and to be petted. Won't be much longer until Yambilu is out in the Main Area. Great news--we asked Magic if he could lay very very quietly for a blood draw. He's grown just enough on those crooked legs, that I could pull down on them a little. Presto--got enough blood to do his Leukemia/FIV/Heartworm test and it is negative!! Whew!

I'd like to say a special thanks to Joni and Pat B for the wonderful pictures and videos that they put on our facebook pages.  I've had so many people comment how it makes them feel more connected to FFRC. 

This is our OVMA conference month. Angie, Lynnette and I will be going late afternoon on Feb. 18 and we will return in the afternoon on the 20th.  This will allow us to attend a full day of classes on Thursday and also Friday morning. Some of the classes I'd like to attend are on Pharmaceutical Requirements, State Legislation for Shelters/Rescues, Compassion Fatigue, Feline Inappropriate Elimination, Ohio's Infectious Waste Regulations, Zoonotic Ascarid Ova. 
There are so so many wonderful classes to take! Never enough time!

The cats are exhausted--it's hard work watching all the birds at the feeders. Right now there are 7 cats at the window in the Front Office. All the chirping going on is wonderful! Unelma just strolled by--she has been playing with toys! So nice to see. Enjoy your Tuesday!