Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday, Feb. 8

Oops--wait--can't get started yet. Here comes Coralie. Almost every time I sit at the desk, here she comes! She wants in the lap, with her head on the left side, a cushie under her and positioned just right so she can put her paws on the key board! She's not fussy at all!

It's 40 degrees today--a heat wave for us! We have the windows open for fresh air. The cats are enjoying it. We have 5 1/2 weeks until it's Spring--we're on the countdown! 

We had 2 adoptions on Friday! Caleb and Norton went to their new home together. These two kittens were already loved even before going out the door! We have several other cats on hold--Bounty, Soon-Ja, Nelson and Chauncey.

We had a cat returned. Rita arrived yesterday with Seymour. I want to say this--this was a huge act of love and unselfishness on Rita's part. She felt that Seymour was not happy--he wanted to just stay in the bathroom and not participate with anything. He seemed sad to her. So, he is back and very welcomed. It was very interesting--when Rita put him on the floor, he immediately scampered around, went to the door to the front part and wanted to join right in! We told him he needed to wait a bit. This morning he is now in the Main Area. He's eaten a good breakfast and has been lounging on the Kuranda Towers. 

We have some thanks to give!
Donnajb--donation to help with the new 11 barn cats that will be arriving this week
Lois/lannml---donation in honor of Ada Jane's 20th b-day this week! 

We appreciate our lurkers and chatters! We realize many of these friends have a connection---they are also Decorah Eagle friends!  FFRC has made a donation to Decorah Eagles in honor of our mutual friends. 

Please check out our updated Paw-Mart FFRC Store in our website! It's not completely done yet but close! We have many new items! The website is:   We have listened to you, our supporters, as to different items you like! 

We are eagerly awaiting a box for Trucker! It comes from a company that works with cats that have chronic diarrhea. Their success rate is 97%  Trucker will put their products to the test. We are also feeding him foods that has less grain in it. We don't give up easy, do we, Trucker?! He's trying his bestest to get to that point where his stools are firm! 

Remember to mark your calendar for Friday---our Fiver Friday day. We've been working on it here! It'll start as early as I can make it happen and go off and on all day long. We'll keep it going into the late evening. Periodic chart updates of the donations will be given. Lots of cats bits & pieces of info will be shown. Thank you tabs with the donors names on them will be put onto our display board. Lunch will be provided for everyone here. There will be explanations of what the donations are used for. A few stories will be read. Lots of action, appreciation and fun will be had. Extra awesome thank you cards will be sent to the donors! Come join the fun and be a Fiver Friday donator! 

As you know, Ada Jane has a birthday coming up--it's Tuesday! This wonderful girl will be 20. We love her so. It's a fact she has been struggling a bit this past week. We are keeping close tabs on her. We are giving her much love and anything that she will eat. She truly knows she is top-cat here! 

Oops--now Trucker is demanding his time. He wants in the house....again....and right now! He has many 5-minute sprees of whipping around inside. That boy can fly! 

Today the snow melted enough I could see Putter's gravestone. Sure miss that boy. I can hear his message---be kind--be kind to one another. It's a simple choice to make! It will make your heart happy.