Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday, Feb. 21

We're back from the conference! It was a great learning experience. While this is always wonderful to keep learning, it's sure heavenly to get home too!  Between the 4 of us, we attended many classes.

Angie & Dawn S. went to 6 classes on essential oils for animals (covering many aspects of problems) and also 2 classes on feline inappropriate elimination and aggression.

Lynnette went to classes on sales tax and compliance, Current issues at the OVMLB, Infectious waste regulations, HR issues and How to Tackle them and On the Job Training Secrets

I went to Requirements for Pharmaceutical products & usage, Current safety Issues, Legal Dilemmas of Shelters, State Legislation & Shelters, Anesthetic Machines/Ventilators, Keeping Controlled drugs under Control, Feline Inappropriate Elimination and Nutritional management of Chronic Enteropathies.

We also visited the vendor floor with many of the companies that we deal with. We were able to order some new meds that will be helpful to us, ordered more "fun boxes" for our adoptions, checked into anesthetic machines (ours was purchased as a refurbished one 13 years ago), ordered some specialized cat foods, talked to company about testing products, etc.  All in all, it was an excellent conference.

We had 2 adoptions already this morning! Ike went to his new home. He had been adopted from here as a baby, lived in that home for 6 1/2 years and then had to be returned. His new mama loves him already and Ike was happy to get into the crate---I think he knew he'd be going to his new home!

Leopold also went to his new home in Michigan. He has a great new mom/dad and 2 cats at home to be friends with. So happy for Leopold!They also donated 2 big bags of cat/kitten food. Both families will post pictures! 

We have many thanks to give. This Rescue Center is always grateful!
Nona S from NY--coupons
Coralie P--donation in honor of Coralie!
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC
Donna E from TX--donation on behalf of niece Katie E and her beloved cat VooDoo
Judith M from NJ--donation in memory of Cozarelii
Carol G--donation to FFRC
Billie K--donation in memory of sweet Coz
Gusti--to help us with our conference journey
Sylvia D from UK--donation to FFRC in memory of Cozarelii
Brent T from Canada--donation in memory of Cozarelii
Carol G--donation to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Cozi.
Carla C from OR--donation in memory of sweet Coz
Deb J/bearmn--donation in memory of Cozarelii
Karen/kaseyann--donation in memory of Coz

Trucker started a new treatment plan yesterday. He will need to go 24 hours with no food. Poor baby. So far, he's doing ok. It's very probable that he has IBS. This is a very complicated diagnosis, as there are many layers to it. So......this is not an overnight success story. We will keep working with Trucker, with pleasure, because we love him. One of the classes I attended was on IBS. I've already chatted with our vet and we will continue on a plan. If this doesn't work, that's ok, there's more we can do. He's just an awesome cat and so so sweet to work with. I know his tummy must be uncomfortable at times. His heart is full of pure love for everyone.

It's snowing again. While many of us feel we've had enough, I know our New England friends have way more. We are just getting itchy to start our new compound and building for the Porchies and Covies. The good news is that the fence is ordered! So happy about this. And we've given the ok to Dion, our builder for the 16 x 24 building. We are first on his spring list--but to do the concrete, the round must be thawed. Hmmmmm, maybe we can go out and thaw the ground with some salamanders!!

Big thanks to Brownie Troop #20512. They are working on their Pet Badge and stopped in this morning to bring 3 cat pillows and 3 cat toys that they made themselves. We appreciate this!

What's royal blue and purple? Our two different t-shirts that have our FFRC logo and the Slogan on it! This coming week, we will be getting them ready to sell! We really like the quality of these shirts and are excited about it. More info soon! 

We weighed Rebecca yesterday. She is now at 2.01. A long distance from her brothers, but slowly slowly gaining weight. I thank Peggy for caring for her. 

Who are the 2 kittens still here whose mama was Smallisha?  Scott & Tammy
What is Jarvis's very very favorite toy?   a tiny yarn ball---he has to have it every day!
Who likes to climb up high and then meow for help?    Vernon
Who was the very first Covie cat?   Jonah
Which Covie cat needs a job to pay for her cell phone useage?!  Sevaun
Which Porchie cat has a second home with a neighbor?   Azar
Which cat has a white tip tail?    Honor
What cat has a green collar with fish on it?      Coralie

Take care all and have a wonderful weekend!  Right now I have 4 cats on my desk--Honor, Scott, Camvi and Trucker! They are all sweetly tucked in together and napping. What an already wonderful weekend!