Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday, December 4

Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to Walter!  Happy birthday to our sweet boy.  He's now 2 years old. He had a special plate of turkey/chicken yesterday and will again today, compliments of Betz. He's a happy boy! 

Today Jenna Jo will have her spay at the vet's office. She just seemed a tiny bit off on Saturday when we did all the surgeries. But, by that night, she was running around like crazy already! But,we will always play on the side of caution. She'll be back later in the afternoon.  She and Beth will go to their new home together. Their adoption date is tentatively 12/14.  

Tomorrow, Friday we should have 2 other adoptions--Intor and Tinia. They too will be going together to a lady who has lots of lap time to give to the kitties!  Then on Sunday---our Gusti girl will be leaving with Phil and Judy. Sounds like Gusti may be leaving with another friend too! 

We had BOXES last night! What a wonderful "happening" for FFRC!
SonJa--3 cases of Friskies turkey and cheese dinners
JatCat-4 Quiet Time Kitty pads for the Porchies
Pat L--Plee--4 boxes of Appetizers
Anne--UK--lots of individual bag of charms with their own pouch and tissue.  The different themes are owls, butterflies, peace/love and cats. Really nice pieces!
Tom W--20 FFRC calendars from Zazzle--what an awesome gift
Phlebldy/Barb W--2 cases Friskies pouches, 14 bags kitty snackers, 6 Clorox wipes
Donnajb--12 bags kitty snackers, 4 cases Friskies large cans pate
macncheesemom from MA--note, 2 beautiful glass blocks painted with paw print ribbon and lights inside them--beautiful
svcathy/Cathy & Justme/Kathy--our CathyKay mama was named after these two KCathy's! They sent a beautiful soft blankie, stuffed kitty and 2 extra lg pom poms for CathyKay.  Then they sent lots of toys to split between the Cathy Kay babies
JillR--2 bags Greenies snackers, 2 boxes Fancy Feast, 2 cases 9-Lives
Lisa S/munchkinljs and Peter S--note, 2 Christmas blankets with kitties, 3 bags of kitty snackers, a Grumpy Cat Christmas basket
Warpedinmn/Connie--24 crate pads, 24 warpies, 12 2-pair fleece pillow cases (Warpies), 24 centipede toys, 12 Ming-String toys

I would like to send a special thanks out to everyone who sends such lovely items to us---all for helping FFRC. It's quite astounding to me--seeing this generosity. Warms the heart and I thank you all.

We also have other thanks to give:
Purple_cat--donation for FFRC, in honor of her family, to be used wherever needed
Sevren--donation as a Merry Christmas to all at the Rescue Center and family
Gusti--for little Gusti as a good bye, for a blankie
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Jacksmom/Jennifer--donation for FFRC for Giving Tuesday! 
Jason S from AR--donation for FFRC
Carol N--donation for FFRC

We have a Feather Update.  The feather project is still a go. This wonderful friend underestimated the help that our FFRCNation can deliver. She had LOTS of feathers! Makes me smile! Also, due to the heat there, and using many fans, feathers would fly everywhere! So, the project is delayed just a little bit, but it's still on. 

In the next few days, we will have some mini Flash Sales. We have such lovely, wonderful items that are excellent for Christmas. So, we will slowly but surely, get these out for your viewing. Of course, they will be done on the cam. We don't have an order of things yet, but then, that's the fun of flash sales! 

Triumph loves to run around with the plastic balls in his mouth. So soft too. Murphy is a clown--always playing and being so silly. She's friends with everyone. Ratchet loves the windows and is always watching the birds. August asked for a special breakfast feeding this morning--so brave of her. Cayden has discovered the fun of climbing the Kuranda Towers . I caught her this time---yes, it is indeed McHoney that opens my desk drawer. She opens, sorts thru the "stuff" and takes off with a treasure, head held high! So fun to watch her!