Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday, December 14

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree! Our beautiful upside tree is up--or is that down?!--and decorated.  Lights are on and it's so pretty. 

I saw a meeting of some of the cats yesterday--Mayor Anony, Jonah, Austin, Zavatar, Derecho and Asha were in serious discussion. I listened for a bit before I was shooshed away. Sounded like they were planning what special foods they all want for Christmas! Love them--always thinking of their tummies.  I have a frozen turkey in the freezer (from Mary Arch.) for them that Steve and I will cook for them for Christmas. They don't know about it yet! 

We had BOXES and we are grateful! Your kindness and help for FFRC is always aprpeicated.
Kim/coloeagle--a blue and a pink afghan for Molly & Ryan, 4 beautiful afghans for raffle or sale--all different colors and all so beautiful. Thanks Kim!
Helen M/helmin from UK--case of 9-Lives, case of Meow Mix cups, kitty snackers, case of Friskies can
Billy K from TX--2 bags of Science Diet kitten dry food, 4 cases of Sheba for Ada Jane
Susan S/raspbearyjam--potty bags, Christmas card, 4 boxes of Surgicalt ape, Co-Flex, 3 cans of Friskies, butterfly tote, tic tac toe game for neutered kitties! 
Jodi/jobear from MN--Christmas Card, 31 bags of home grown catnip, 2 fish Christmas stockings for kitties, and an engraved rock with a kitty on it!
Kelly R/littleonemine from CA--case of Fancy Feast kitten, case of FF adult and a case of Appetizers
Judi Sp--3 cases of Appetizers, kitty snackers
Susan345--2000 6 inch paper plates
Tom P/xwired2u from NJ--a Breville Juicer for flash sale or wherever can use
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--kitty snackers, 2 crate pads 1 lg & 1 sm, super soft
LJ323--a beautiful handcrafted white scarf that sure looks like Farrah! Love it!

Joni W--donation to FFRC, in honor of her niece and nephews for Christmas--Chad, Kelsey, Drew, Ross and Ned. 
Olga B from Netherlands--a donation thru PayPal in honor of the kitties and volunteers
A lurker from AZ--donation for FFRC and a special hug for Derecho!
Tracy L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Ellen & Pat from Defiance--baby food jars and mailing labels
Anna S from OH--donation for FFRC
Aleda S from VA--donation for FFRC, in highest honor of Frank and Michele
Deb & Karen from Ft. Wayne, visitors--lots of blankies!
Nona S--nebulizer and meds for it, plus a beautiful pink quilt and a bird blanket
Deb11111--week visitor! lots of wonderful dry cat food--2 of each--Chicken Soup for the Soul, Science Diet , Innova, Wellness,Nature's Recipe, Blue Basics, Iams, dawn soap, Bounce, 13 gal. bags, 3 Tide laundry soap, 600 sm paper plates 6 inch   Big thanks!

We have 2 new kittens. They are about 15 weeks old. Both are males. One is brown tiger/white and a black/white with a white tip tail. They came here after being found on a busy country road. Both had major fleas. The tiger/white is named Noble. The black/white is Honor. Both of these names are Name A Cat names. Such nice kittens. They came in shy and looking "pre-occupied". I'm sure that was from the amount of fleas on board. Fleas are gone (no fleas are allowed here!) and they seem happy. They are now down on the floor in the back Thumper's Room, playing and running. Won't be long until they come to the Main Area. 

Bender is now staying here in the Main Area. He seems quite comfortable. He's walking around quite a bit, so hoping we can slowly help him lose a couple pounds. Slow is the magic word for this though, when it has to do with cats. 

People have asked recently about Slick. He's doing wonderful. His fur is soft, it's growing longer and he loves to eat. He so enjoys his snackers and being on the back of the couch looking out the window. He's a gem!

Things are going good here. The kitties are healthy and happy. Cats are wonderful. Porchies are doing great. They love their warm Porchie Haven and the heated beds in the sunporch. The Covies in Kitty City are also doing good. We have been able to let them out 3 times a week now to run about. They love this. We'll try to continue this as long as the weather holds out. The Barnies are great--they too have a heated light for cold temperatures and of course, they love the high levels of the hay in the barn.  Update on bunnies---babies are growing and hopping about. So so cute. 

We had two adoptions yesterday!  Jenna Jo and Beth who are sisters, went to the same home. The family picked them out a little while ago, but they wanted to wait until they moved into their new home. Mission accomplished. Two beautiful kittens. 

I witnessed something yesterday that was profound to me. Frank and Michele brought Jambrew back to FFRC. This was a very hard decision. They so wanted to give this boy a home with them. They have a resident cat that just will not accept a newcomer. So, in respect to the resident cat and to Jambrew, the hard decision was made---Jambrew needed to come back and find a new home. This was an act of complete unselfishness and one that I am grateful for. The love that this shows is great. Thank you both for caring enough for your resident cat and Jambrew for doing this. The compassion that our FFRCNation displays never ceases to amaze me. 

Someone asked me recently--if our vet recommends getting the distemper vaccination every two years is it still necessary to take in each year. I would love to see all cats and pets examined by a vet each year. Many vets now recommend the distemper vaccination every 2 (and sometimes 3) years. Lots of variables in that decision. BUT, nothing replaces an annual physical (just like humans). Physicals are designed to detect problems before they become a real issue. So....bring on the annual physicals! Take care and have a great Sunday!