Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday, December 20

On the 6th day of Christmas, the kitties gave to me.......6 cookies!  Cookies you say?  Yes, these would the cookies that they confiscated from Wolfpatch's delivery. The pile is going down fast---has to be the kitties eating them that fast and now they feel guilty (not!) and will return them. Those rascally cats! 

Our Raffle is over and I so deeply appreciate your support. I know this was awfully close to Christmas, yet you raised $2,500 for FFRC.  So wonderful! Here's the winners of the items:
A.  Cat on a Fence, made by Pat C    108 tickets = $540  won by LeslieLaPurr
B. Granny Squares made by Mona    100 tickets = $500  won by Jacksmom
C. Rosemarys Beauty made by Rosemary  63 tickets = $315  won by Ladydoc
D. Grumpy Cat Basket by Lisa S.  102 tickets = $510  won by Arden & CHarmaine
E. Fruit Punch made by Pat C  56 tickets = $280  won by Joco
F. Christmas by Ruth D  40 tickets = $200 won by Martha our volunteer
Total $2,345  then Beth and Joco bumped it up to $2500.  Much thanks to you all!

Our Consolation prizes were Christmas Runners made by Bagobear, FFRC cards by Kikimycat and a snow leopard Blanket donated by Pat and Ellen.  Winners of these were: Deb N, Echomist, Peggy S, Dizzy, Stan Ad, Jamiecat, Schinn and Jznyc    Congrats to all!

I got behind a bit on thank yous for BOXES, so let's do 2 nights of Boxes here!
Faithy & Bobby--12 cans of Tiki cat food
Karen C from KS with Sunny K--Christmas card, 5 mega kitty snackers, 5 bags of Christmas candy
EarthEyes with Shamballie--2 bags Precious Cat Litter, 2 cases lg cans Wellness, 2 cases small Wellness, 3 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 5 lb Wellness Kitten and a large bag of Wellness too
Conii and her kitties--a tower of boxes from Harry & David--goodies, goodies, goodies--lots of very yummy Christmas goodies!
Eaglewatcher/Beth--Happy Birthday to Shamballie for 12/25. Box of FUssie Cat for him and Porchie friends, 5 bags of kitty snackers to share with Porchies!
Ingrid B & Erik J from Chicago with note, box of appetizers, 2 bags Greenie snackers, Lots of cookies--wonderful cookies that has already been taste-tested and rated super good! Thanks!
Mary H from Archbold, volunteer--Christmas card with donation toward medical bills in honor of Callie the Calico Kitty and a wonderful door mat

Many thanks to the following:
Wanda, our portrait maker--a donation for a portrait order
Sally / eaglespirit--donation for FFRC and for chicken for the kitties!
Anonymous Friend--donation to be used half for our spay/neuter fund to help others and the other half to go to FFRC wherever needed.  A special thanks to you
Lu-Little and Benny--donation to FFRC

BOXES from Weds. night. You are appreciated! 
Annoyed Cat/Gina, Tim and furbabies Lonny & Lucy from FL--Christmas card, candy to share, dry food for kitties, kitty toys and 3 beautiful pin angels made by her mom
Barry and Lori P from IA and furbabies Walter & Peter--Christmas card, calendars to share, assortment of kitty toys, 4 lg. cans can food, 12 variety of smaller Science Diet can food
Mykatkat/Deb from AZ--Christmas card, kitty snackers, candy to share, packets of FF broth, Fancy Feast, book 101 Cataclysms for the Love of Cats--very nice!
Pam T--for Jacci, Sunbeam Renue Relieving Heat Therapy Pad--I love it
Julie P--6 cases of much needed baby food
Conii, Elliott & Izabellah--2 boxes of Harry and David pears--so delicious
Painteddaisy/June--2 boxes of goody bags for volunteers--has lots of fun things in them--have already started passing them out!  For Joyful--a Princess lunchbox with 8 cans kitty food, snackers and toys. She says a big thanks too!
Gusti--spring toys--cats love them
Pat L in MI--Christmas card
PSW--envelope of gift cards from Amazon for volunteers---so very nice
Betz--card and Flash payment
Cindy D from IL--card and donation to be used where needed
Patricia from IL--Flash payment
Neuromom/Sherri/David from NY--Christmas card and Walmart gift card

We've weighed some of the cats recently. Good news--Mr. G is maintaining his weight--he's staying about the same, which is good.  Bender has lost a pound which is what we were hoping. His frame is smaller than Mr. G. We just don't want a fast weight loss--easy does it for cats. I believe the reason he has lost some weight is because he's more active.

Yesterday we had an adoption. Little Tenacity went to her new home. She was purring as she was leaving---what a wonderful kitten. There's a possibility of 4 adoptions this Saturday. I always find Christmas adoptions are hard for me. I never want kittens or cats to be adopted just because it's Christmas. These kittens need lifetime homes, so this makes me a bit "fussier" when it comes to December adoptions. We want to be sure these are really thought out adoptions.

Jersey has just walked by me 4 times, just checking things out, with his tail up and happy. Remember when he just curled up and wanted to be left alone? Not anymore--he's joined us in his mind and spirit! Solee is here also, rolling around on the floor with a catnip toy. She just loves her baby kitten snackers. Asha seems to be possibly doing another color change--the fur on her head is getting lighter. She is a mystery to us how she does this! I had two people notice it yesterday. Asha just smiles at us--she loves attention.

Thomas is doing good. For the last 2 weeks, we've added a medicine to try to keep his urinary tract infections at bay. We don't like these UTI's and they also seem to lead him into a seizure. So far, so good these 2 weeks!  Teagan is a handsome boy---so sweet, so playful and still looking for a home.

We are going to go thru a bit of a change in our Mail Room/Store. We're excited about it and will fill in details as things are firmed up. I do believe we are now ready for winter--all heat lamps are up, heater beds are in place, kitty barns are cozy, electric water bowls are in place. Even in the barns, the hay, bedding and grains are enough to get us thru a couple rough months if need be. Now, if it could ever snow without getting on the roads, parking lots and sidewalks! 

A cat meows, right? Sounds simple enough, but for those that are cat-owners, most people realize there are a whole variety of miaows that differ in pitch, rhythm, volume, tone and pronunciations. Cats do talk---we just have to listen! It's quite amazing their range of communication. There can be greetings, grumbles, whimpers, singing and so on. Listen to what your cat has to say!