Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday, December 7

I think it's still Thanksgiving, as we have extra much to be thankful for. We had a mini Flash Sale on Thursday and one on Friday, thanks to Lynnette. On Saturday, we had an off and on Flash Sale all afternoon and evening. Giant thanks to Mich and Vern for doing these. Big thanks to the volunteers here that pitched in and helped. And super thanks to all of you---our viewers for the support of these sales that make them so successful. Thanks too for the mods that helped all those hours! These sales truly are important to us and help us tremendously with keeping up with our needs. 

We already have started organizing all the items that will need to be sent out. Our Mail Room has piles everywhere! Rest assured, we will mail these out very quickly. As soon as PayPals or checks/money orders are received, the items go out! We want to strive for 100% accuracy. As always, if there's an error, don't hesitate to let me know. 

We also had BOXES Friday night. Wow--it was wonderful and we're thrilled!
Shawn/happyflame--a really neat laser light for the kitties--we tried it--so fun! Also holiday 3-D glasses. Thank you, Shawn.
Laura/medic101--2 cases Fancy Feast
David & Christine with Yuki, Anya and Miau--Yeoooow cigars, bananas, rainbows, Senses super roller circuit toy, 3 boxes Fancy Feast variety, 5 bags kitty snackers variety, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten can
FaithyMD & Bobby--box of Meow Mix cups
Lostgirl--2 bags of Science Diet Kitten Food
Donnajb--Yeeeeow bananas, 3 catnip red peppers, 8 bags kitty snackers, Bonito flakes, 4 bags Purina One Kitten dry.  Doggie treats, horse treats, goat treats! Box of Cracker JHacks individual bags, Planters Nuts Variety, Nabisco cookies/crackers, Lindor milk choc truffles, nut/fruit seed bell for birds.  500 Styrofoam plates, 3 bottles Lysol wipes, Kitty wipes for faces, 8 boxes kleenex and TP! Big thanks! And candy canes!
LJ323 with note--3 bags Sunkist Fruit Gems, bag of candy canes, Pringles individuals, 3 bags party Mix snackers.
LJ323 and Larissa--a beautiful, wonderful Harlequin Cat afghan for Jacci.  We have another one of these that will be for possibly a raffle.  The artwork and handiwork is wonderful! Big thanks.
Julie/Tigercats54--3 kitty dry erase white boards with pens, from Zazzle, each with a neat design
Mary's coworker Brent from Archbold--13 appetizers for Jolene, 13 fancy feast broth and 7 of the 4 packs of 9-Lives
Michelle and Freank/Callie and Harry--3 of the 15 pounds of Royal Canin Kitty dry
David W--10 single Kuranda Beds--wonderful! We will divide between the Covies, Porchies and here inside the Rescue! We love these.

We also have other thanks to give:
Marcia S from MI--donation to use where most needed
Roberta L from OH--donation for FFRC
Mark S from UK--donation for the kittens and cats
Carol N--donation for FFRC
Olga B from Netherlands--donation for FFRC
Pat and Ellen of Defiance--donation to sponsor Farrah and also to help FFRC

We also have thanks to give for Thursday BOXES! Your boxes always are a huge help to us!
Lannml--2 of the 16 lb bags of Purina One dry kitten
Ardenandcharmaine--3 of the 16 lb bags of Purina One dry kitten
Joyce from OH--2 of the 16 bags of Purina One kitten dry
Donnajb--Happy Hen treats with meal worms for the chickens! They loved it
Susan345--Bag of Royal Canin Kitten dry and a bag of Royal Canin Bby Cat dry
Nona--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Mike/sophieandlucysdad (day visitor)--18 packets of variety of Appetizers, 30 cans of Friskies, 4 whiskers Lickins snackers, 9 Party Mix snackers
Betz--kitty card and donation for chicken for Walter's birthday
Tara/Annieslots9--kitty card and note
Clark, Jessie and family--birthday card for Walter and $5 bill for birthday for Walter
Realty 5 of Defiance Ohio--donation from the sell of a house where the seller donated money to FFRC 
Beth/eaglewatcher--gift checks for KFC for CHICKEN!!

We took in two new young kittens 2 days ago. They were found in a shut box in a ditch by a mailbox. The man who discovered them is a very kind person and brought them here. These 2 boys are gorgeous--long hair black/white with some real pretty markings. No names yet. They are about 14 weeks old. They just had their pen door opened today and are now running around in the back Thumper's Room.  I don't think they're quite ready to come up to the front, but soon. Two real sweetie-pies.

Our other two adults--Betra/Cricket and Bobbi are doing better and better. They are so much more relaxed. I know that transition from losing their mom to coming here is hard. They were loved. But it won't be long until they are ready to come up front too. 

We had 2 adoptions on Friday! TInia and Intor went to their new home. The wish from their new mama is that they like to sit on her lap and to climb up into bed with her and snuggle! I do believe they will be two happy kittens!

Trucker finally climbed one step! He wants inside the house very very very much.  Oh no---I let him in twice for a walk thru and that's all it took.  Now, the notion comes to him quite often---I want in the house NOW.  For right now, he sits at the bottom of the 3 steps and cries and cries until I take him in.  Did I just say that?  I mean, when he's "accidently" lifted up and left into the house for a very short visit. What a boy---he has a heart of determination. I do think he's related to Derecho!

Joey is now everywhere in the Rescue Center. He's opening himself up more and more to letting people pet him. Such a joy to see. Mr. G is also up in the front more. Actually, he has spent a couple nights in the Main Area and is doing better all the time. Can you imagine never being around another cat and then coming here?! He really is doing good. Bella still has been going outside but not as often. She goes out, aims for her poof and jumps right in! 

Ada Jane is amazing to us. She has changed her bed napping place. She now climbs to above the volunteer pen and sleeps in a bed there. To get a drink, she has to climb down, walk over to the steps and climb them, jump onto the yellow table and walk across the washer and dryer to the sink. She seems to be doing this quite well. And her appetite too has picked up. 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend. I'm sorry my blogs are not as frequent. It's been a very busy time here lately for me.  It's always busy...but even more so. I'll try and keep you updated as much as possible. Thanks to you all---your support is wonderful. Your friendship is so important to us. The kitties and cats love you too! Have a wonderful week.