Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday, Dec. 14

On the 8th day of Christmas, the kitties gave to me.....8 kitty kisses! A wonderful gift to receive! The cats are already looking forward to extra chicken for Christmas. 

Our Raffle started yesterday. It consists of 5 beautiful afghans and a Grumpy Basket. Please check out facebook chatters, FFRCNation page or our Twitter page for details. Tickets are $5 a piece. Cn purchase one or how many you'd like. You can go to PayPal and send it to us. Just include a note as to what item(s) you'd like a ticket for. Boxes will be Friday at 5:30 pm and Raffle Drawing will be at 6:00, with consolation prizes too! Just in case you'd like this for a Christmas gift, we will have it in the mail on Monday! Join us for the fun on Friday evening!

We have many thanks to give as we had BOXES last night.
Faithymd--4 delicious boxes from Swiss Colony--pumpkin cake, ham, sausage, pancake mix, jellies, chocolate petit fours and chocolate truffles. Yum!
Julie--volunteer and son Matthew--Christmas card for Derecho & Friends, kitty food cans variety, kitty snackers, 2 doggie snackers and suet for the birds.
Megancummings/sparklepopjewelry with Sparkle, Leo & Jewels--a $1,000 check from SparklePop for sales from Nov. 27 thru Dec. 11.  Wow!  She also sent some jewelry for us to show--beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets   
Michelle M from Alberta with KC kitty--Christmas card, reflective stickers, photo clips for pictures, lots of kitty snackers
Gill A from UK--Christmas card, 6 boxes of Bondi Licks, book mark
Jean M with Molly from WI--Christmas card & note, 2 pretty teal towels, 2 hand soaps, sardines
Christopher & Stephanie C from AL--Christmas card, kitty ball and other toys, Giant Mouse toy, kitty snackers
Gusti from Germany--crinkle tunnel, replacement scratchers for turbo toy, kitty toys, pooper scooper, kitty snackers
Plee with Miss Tortie & Sandi--lots of pads/for the kitties and pillow cases too, soft kitty bed, 2 kitty bowls, 3 crocheted kitty pads, doggie snackers and kitty snackers
Kerswill--2 bags Bowtie kitty toys and a bowl scratcher bed
Ann, Sean, Penn, Teller and Pixel from PA--Christmas card, bag of yarn for Pat C, Nature Valley bars, big kitty snackers, salmon, kitty balls and springs, 6 pk Lysol wipes, Friskie cans. Also a t-shirt for Jacci that says: I Really Do Need All These Cats---I love it!
Fergies Guardian--6 bags of that wonderful Precious kittylitter--thanks! used 3 of them this morning!
Lannml--100 foam plates 9 inch!  Helps so much with time and our hands!
David H/wolfpatch--kitty card with letter.  Cookies, cookies and more cookies! Yum---Wolfpatch cookies. Unbelievable--it already had the tape cut---hmmmmm, now how did that happen?  And there was a few cookies missing............hmmmmmm.  Thanks David for such a wonderful batch of cookies. 4 different kinds--Almond Crescents, Chocolate Chocolate Chip/Cashews, Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal chocolate Chip. Come visit--we share! 

We also have PayPals to thank!
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho for snackers and chicken to share and a donation for Bounty.
Karen C from KS--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Judith M from NH--donation to FFRC
Eartheyes from NC--donation to help with Trucker's medical bills and a stash of chicken to share! 
P. C. from NJ--donation for FFRC

We have two exciting things happening for FFRC on the internet. One is Trucker and his buddy Freemont all snugged in their cushie bed. All you have to do is vote! The link is:  There is a cash winning for this. Thanks to Aunty for submitting this.  

The second is  Megan has graciously put FFRC as the cat rescue to receive funding. On some items, we get 20%, others 100%.  Be sure to mention FFRC, the cat rescue, on your order! They have beautiful jewelry, all under $40. 

We had a nice gift this morning.....from Ustream! You know all those ads that sometimes cause distress? They pay off! FFRC received a payment of $1,651.04 for 10/1/14 to 10/31/14. So wonderful! Thank you all---this comes from YOU!

Please also our Great Lakes Scrip Program at  The activation code is EB4A132541195     Thank you!

Our Christmas Clock is back! Listen for the music at the hours. It was going to be a 2:00 surprise for you all, but we had a little work to do on the clock to get it to work properly. 

Do you know which cat has that "certain leg rub" that we all recognize?  It's Milo! He's such a love. He enjoys doing figure 8's around legs. Which cat loves feet? That would be Freemont. He so loves to lay on feet. If we stood still long enough, he'd probably nap on them! Which cat likes to hear her name said in a sing-song way?  It's Pania!

Yesterday, we brought up Bobbi and Cricket/Betra to acclimate to the Main Area. In the afternoon, Bobbi started meowing---loudly. She'd had enough of the room and wanted OUT!  So, the door was opened and she walked out like she'd been here forever! It took Betra a little longer but she too is out and about. Wonderful to see. 

Trucker had his surgery yesterday. The first thing Dr. Darcy told me is that his "parts" were not normal. Made me chuckle. Goes along with the rest of that sweet boy! Trucker looked up at me like he was so very pleased! Within a very short time of getting back to the Rescue Center and after a meal of yummy chicken, he was back on the floor running as fast as ever. We will pay special note that his two incision areas are clean. 

Did you know cats generally groom in the same pattern? It's really very interesting. Chek out your cat! Here's the usual order for most cats:
Lick the lips.
Lick the side of 1 paw until it's wet.
Rub the wet paw over the head, including ear, eye, cheek and chin.
Wet the other paw in the same manner.
Rub the wet paw over that side of the head.
Lick front legs and shoulders.
Lick flanks.
Lick hiney-parts.
Lick hind legs.
Lick tail from base to tip. 
Aren't cats just wonderful?!  Have a great day.