Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday, December 27

A short blog today. Have a bit of a busy morning and this afternoon need to get things ready for our Christmas with our family! 

Bounty has become my desk kitten now. She is either napping or chasing the mouse. I've had to raise up the monitor to help me see over 4-5 cat bodies when they nap! Bobbi and Betra/Cricket also love the desk. Coralie, Derecho, Bender, Cayden prefers the lap---one at a time! 

We had BOXES last night--so very kind of you all. Your generosity is much appreciated.
Mary, volunteer from Archbold--2 inch packing tape (which I confiscated already for my desk!!), 2 cases of pop, 10 spatulas, 2 sink strainers, Senses Turbo toy, cat toys, kitty collars, pokie dot cat bed and some Appetizers for Joline
Anonymous Friend--12 rolls Bounty Paper towels, lots of Huggie kitty wipes, 6 Clorox wipes & 12 rolls of TP!
FaithyMD & Bobby--kong kickeroo
Mudjie with Oh My Guinness & Henry R Peepers--Kitty Christmas card
Jacksmom from MA--Christmas card with donation
Helin from UK--Christmas card
Annette B from NC with Elsie, Quinn & Lucky--Christmas card & donation
Elizabeth & Leonard O from NJ--Christmas card and donation
Roberta & Harold L from OH--Christmas card & donation
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Jeannette B & FurHaven kitties--Chritmas card
Susan ST from Defiance--donation
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation
Barb/Laeo & Steve C--Christmas card & donation
Mary & Troy S and Michael M from FL--Christmas card & donation
Walter C from OH--note, donation in honor of Skippy and Aunt Mart
Ron R from CT--Christmas card and donation for Feliz Navidad Fund
Michael R from OH--donation in honor of Tom & Cindy Rettig on behalf of their sales staff!
Connie & Craig A--Christmas card and donation
Louann W from PA--Christmas card & donation
Michele & Frank--volunteers & day visitors--6 gallons vinegar and 4 cases of water
Scott & Selena W--donation thru PayPal for FFRC and Ada Jane

Lucy Ann is a sweetie--she is building more confidence all the time and so loves her chin rubbed. Joey is a nut about his snackers! Cozarelii will also come out for snackers. Walter is doing great--his meds are kicking in and helping to keep his circling at a minimum. August too is out and about more and more. 

The Covies had their run-about day yesterday. They so love it. I peeked in the window of Porchie Haven and there were 5 cats all snugged in! So nice to see. 

Today the Christmas Tree will come down. The needles are quickly falling off. They have sure loved their tree. We will place it under the bird feeders for the birds to rest in. We have been filling the feeders about 3 times a week.

Emily is working on finding a home--she comes out more often when visitors are here. Corby is impatiently waiting for his Cat-Go-Round Wheel to be back out (we put it away while the tree was in place).  Remember when Honor and Noble first came in---they were so shy? Not anymore! They purr just looking at them--so very sweet.

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Little Ichabod and Screech went to their new home together. The new mom/dad didn't take long to zero in on these two babies! It was an immediate "these are the two we want". A good home with lots of love to give them! We've heard about Nobbin--all is well there. And also heard from Missy Maloo's new family. Sounds like happiness all around. Missy Maloo is relaxed and is enjoying all the playtime!

Myth: A cat's sense of balance is in its whiskers.
Fact: Cats use their whiskers as "feelers" to determine widths, but not to balance.

Myth: Cats that are spayed/neutered automatically gain weight.
Fact: Cats gain weight from eating too much, not exercising enough, or both.

Did you know it's about 3 months to spring? Cats will go into heat cycles soon enough. is the time to get those girls spayed and the boys neutered. The right time to do this is BEFORE they have a litter. You can help make a major impact on the cat overpopulation problem. Grab a cat and head to the vet's!