Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday, December 26

The kitties and cats are happy---they enjoyed another turkey based breakfast! They also had a ham bone last night, compliments of Pat and Ellen. Lots of new catnip  toys made their day! I am so thankful for our volunteers--the cats were not lacking as many volunteers still came. I'm amazed and grateful for their love and compassion. We truly have a gift of volunteers---they care, they love, they give their time and the cats love them! 

Betra/Cricket is a gem. She's here on my desk, soaking up all the head pets she can get! Little Ichabod is laying beside her. Coralie is curled up in my lap, putting my leg dead asleep again! She comes over to my chair and just sits there. THen she turns her head up and with those big big eyes....she blinks and blinks. You've all seen "the Coralie look"---so, I have to comply. Up in my lap she comes! 

On Christmas Eve Day, we opened BOXES early in the day. So fun. And I am so grateful for these donations.
Faithy & Bobby--2 packs of smarty cat toys
Dave S--2 lg. bags of Purina One kitten dry food
International webcam friends---FFRCNation card, jingle bell balls for the kittys
Widdletigger--2 packs TIKI can chicken for Jemima, 4 boxes of kitty snackers
Mimibren--3 cases FF can food, lg. bag Purina One dry cat
Vanessa Q--2 cases Friskies pate can
Caren F--2 cases Friskes pate, 4 packs kitty snackers
Pam L & Twkitty--pink button down kitty shirt (very nice), fudge, pop tops for Kellen, kitty snackers, Keurig cup varieties, lg mesh tunnel, FIsh Bed, lots of can foods /appetizers
David with Joop, Rietje, Bruno the dog from Netherlands--riger bed, great Netherlands candy!, kitty snackers, kitty can food, kitty toys, Magnifikat book, camper toy set. 
Carsten H--donation thru PayPal
Canton & her cat Chance--made a donation thru PayPal for FFRC. THis wonderful Chance bought a scratch ticket that turned into more money. He told his mama to donate it to the FFRC kitties! What a sweetie! 

We also had a box from Yaiza and Sonia-paws, from Spain!
A letter and picture of kitty Jasper. Derecho,Bender, Trucker, Thomas, Alma, Milo, Cayden and Vern received special blankies and toys. Trucker also received a collar with a name tag! Sonia Paws sent very nice bracelets and earrings for us to sell.  There were also a box of assorted biscuits, a box of goodies for Steve, Jacci & volunteers, a rudolf stocking with kitty snackers. Bag of mice and kitty toys. A special blue rug for Derecho, pencils/blue kitty slippers. I thank you for the angel tokens and the special foam/clay sculpture you made which was totally awesome! I love it!

We also had ENVELOPES! 
Lillian/xenamolina--2 Christmas cards
Barbara W from IA--Christmas card and donation
Joan Y & Richard S from Maryland--Christmas card and donation in memory of Abby, Chessie, Haggis and all past pets
Buddy--Christmas card, donation and Chief tapes
Joann Z/jz-ny and kitties--Christmas card and donation

Next, we had 3 lovely boxes from Rosemary. Rosemary has given such beautiful afghans to FFRC, all the way from South Africa. These boxes held 10 stunning afghans---all different design, different collars.  Just beautiful and I am so grateful for her generosity and giving to FFRC.

I have now ordered the tags for the Covies/Porchies collars. They are from and should be very nice. Because of the quantity that were ordered and because the owner likes cats, they have given us a nice discount. These tags are not the dangle tags, but flat tags that will be directly ON the collars. They will not come off and they will not get stuck on anything. As soon as they arrive, we will get to work on them. Thank you for helping us with this project---it means a lot to me.

Bounty and Columbus are good friends.  They sure like to tussel. Floyd likes the Christmas tree---I've seen him in it several times today already. You might have noticed Cozarelii is having a bit of fur issue. He has received treatment for it and hopefully his fur will start regrowing in those areas again. Felicity is out and about more--she seems to like the kittens and plays a bit with them. Mogo loves the bird feeders---he so enjoys chirping and watching the feeders out the Kabana windows. 

The Porchies are doing great. We have these two wonderful protected boxes on the porch between the main door and the Mail Room. Austin loves them and is always snuggled in there. No wind, snow or rain can reach him! I personally thinks he likes it there so he can keep track of the door and people going in and out! Whiskers has such a sweet face. He's a big cat! Jimmy James never misses a meal! Big Al is showing his age--he's become thinner in his older years. He sure can eat though! He continues to be free of ear problems since he had his ear surgery. 

The Covies are also doing good. Rolland especially loves the heat lights. We have heat beds for them too. They also received a Christmas ham bone last night--it's such a treat for them. Thanks to Pat & Ellen for this bone too. Anony, Honey and Rory are snug-friends! Today is the Covie-turn-out day. As soon as their breakfast is done, they get to run and explore. They always seem to know what day it is--as they are ready to zoom out!