Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11, Thursday

Who is this cat that looks like Ada Jane and where did the real Ada Jane go?!  Wow--this sweetie is amazing. She has a little prance to her step, is going into all the rooms which is something she normally does not do. She also was splashing and having fun with the water bowl this morning. She truly seemed to be enjoying herself.  Yes, this is our Ada Jane girl doing this! It was so nice watching her. 

Yesterday Bender, Sunnie J and the twins Floyd and Nelson spent the entire day up in the Main Area. They all 4 did wonderful. Sunnie J spent the night up here with everyone. I haven't seen him play yet with the others, but he will, I'm sure. This morning, as soon as the door was opened to the back area, Bender was up and out the door first! He is amazing--so enjoy watching him. Once Floyd and Nelson came up, they've scattered everywhere! We will probably have Bender do one more night in the back area but leave Floyd and Nelson and Sunnie J up front. 

Trucker just buzzed thru the office going 100 mph in kitty speed. He can really truck it! He has now climbed a step several times successfully! He's getting the hang of it. Moose just zipped by too at top speed with Ichabod hot on the trail. Must be fun to just run at high speed for the pure joy of it! Next Weds. is Truckers neutering date with the vet clinic. He will come home de-tic-tac-ed. 

Thanks to Deb11111 and Warped for their Flash Sale yesterday--they sold warped's coasters and Mich's scarves. We are getting all shipments out very quickly since some may be for Christmas gifts. As with any of our sales, don't ever hesitate to let me know if something isn't right. The shipments from last week's Flash Sales should be arriving very soon!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you for your gifts to FFRC---you are appreciated!
Joanne/Joco51--15 tubs of Lysol wipes
Anonymous Friend--kitty card, sponges, Kong Zoom Grooms, 2 Self Groomers for the wall corners
Billy K--bag of Science Diet Kitten
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54 from IA--case of Fancy Feast
Anne N from UK--kitty card and purse charms!  Yes, this is the 2nd batch she has sent. There are cats, music, owls, peace and butterfly charms. Very very nice!
Anonymous Friend--24 rolls paper towels--Tabitha is doing the Happy Dance!
Vicki B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat dry kibbles
Kathy K/Justme--3 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry kibbles
Cathy/svcathy & Scott--4 boxes Appetizers
LeeAnn M from OH with Shadow & Patches--Christmas card
Annie--card with note in regards to a FFRC donation and poof pymt
Judy R from FL--kitty Christmas card with Donation--her and her husband visited FFRC this year--we so enjoyed having them here.
Pam/Zoolove--kitty Christmas card, signed by Princess, Bootsie, Callie, Smokie, Snowie and Blackie!  Cuddle Clone--a real look alike of Sheriff Putter--just really neat! Santa Pants tunnel, paw print drawer pulls, Kitty Christmas plaque, Metal Kitty Welcome statue, 4 votive candles different colors, very pretty, Welcome mat, tabby kitty rug, individual packs chips for volunteers, Christmas candy! and a beautiful kitty throw. 
Renee C from Nova Scotia--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Donna H--PayPal donation to FFRC
Brenda R from CA--PayPal to FFRC, part for wherever needed and part for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Alison V--PayPal donation to FFRC
Neal & Jenni C, in honor of Jo Ann C's birthday--a donation made in her name!
Judy & Phil--Fantastik cleaner, Friskies cans, softsoap, handwarmers and Yeowwww cat ball toys

Two special thanks too! Hailey from Ashland visited here last weekend with her family. She just turned 10. Instead of presents for herself, she asked her friends to donate to FFRC. They brought: litter, big & small bag dry cat food, towels, rugs, lots of toys, scratcher, can food, kitty snackers, Meow mix cups, Dawn soap, Iams cans, washclothes   Thank you so much and special wishes for you from us!
Also a big thanks to Warped and Joe for a special LONG extension ladder. Last summer, Joe did a cat rescue on top of Cat's Cove on a way too short of ladder. Now he can do it again, but safer! Thanks to you both--it's a treasure to have this!

Betra/Cricket and Bobbi continue to do well. Bobbi is actually a cuddlebum and so enjoys being petted. Murphy has turned into an extra sweetie too. She loves to give kisses. Jarvis is so sweet, yet so ornery--makes for a fun kitten. Columbus thinks he's the personal computer assistant--his favorite thing is to sit on the keyboard if it's accidently left out! 

Asha spent the night in Kitty Kastle and enjoyed it. It's nice for the cats to have this opportunity. The birds have been eating heavily at the feeders. The kittens love watching them. Niffie is a lap cat--loves to knead and purr.Cats can always find warmth. In the Kitty Campus room is a shelf above the door. There are 7 cats laying up there, all in a long cat row, enjoying the ceiling warmth! 

Please remember the importance of yearly physicals. Sometimes people think if vaccinations aren't due, they can skip those physicals. But these physicals are designed to find potential problems before they are big problems. Physicals save lives. When we do vet checks, it's important to us here at FFRC to see where pets are taken in for yearly physicals.