Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 for Tuesday 2!

Winken was adopted today! He's a lucky kitten--has a really wonderful home to call his own. The new mama and 4 kittens now have names.
  • Mama calico is Mitty. 
  • Black/white male is Cobbis. 
  • White male is Hudson. 
  • Tiger/white female is Gemini. 
  • Torti/tiger female is Tookie. 
Mitty and kittens are all very sweet. Their weight is good and they look healthy. Sometime next week we'll move them into one of the rooms inside the Rescue Center, out of Thumper's Room. Thanks to Yvonne M. for delivering the bags of sheets/towels from The Hope Chest. We appreciate that. Thanks too for your personnel donation of blankets & other cat items. We also appreciate the box from magspa203 who sent 1 case of Friskies & 3 cases of pouched food. She also sent a bag of greenies pill pockets. I tried it on Farrah for her PB's and she took it!! Last time, she'd have nothing to do with it. Hopefully, she'll continue. Thanks magspa. VSSI delivered the cat condo-it's now sitting on top of the storage unit. I'm so happy to get this unit as it will be very useful to us. Cat's Cove cats were out playing and running again on the farmyard yesterday--they sure love it. All 16 came back for supper. Raza and County have become friends and can be seen napping together. Little Preakness, the tiny torti, is dong better--her appetite has improved. Cats got to go out to their outdoor enclosure today--they love to bird watch. Twinkle can now get in and out of her pen without help! She started doing this 2 days ago. She's so much stronger! Baaka has decided that Racer is a tree--constantly climbing up him. I thinks she likes to hear him yelp! Jobo has become one of our sweetest kittens ever.

What a change here all the time. No 2 days are ever the same. We had 3 cats returned to the Rescue Center. Sunoco was returned. He's a handsome long hair gold/white cat. Originally he arrived here as an 8 month old cat, in 3/05. He was adopted very quickly, and just returned, now a 7 year old. He's awesome and is already on hold, to be adopted on Wednesday. Yay for Sunoco! We had 2 other returnees also. Leona & Winnie were returned, they had been adopted together in 11/10. They were returned due to no fault of their own and are wonderful cats. Leona is a 1 1/2 year old torti and Winni is a 2 year old gray tiger/white. Latte' was also a returned cat 2 weeks ago. She too is absolutely awesome, friendly and very outgoing. Many thanks to Speedy and her husband for the donations they brought to the Rescue Center--they brought something of everything! What's nice is they stay and give lots of loving to the cats and kittens. Also a big thanks to Colleen, Samson Y Delila from Alaska for your box last night. She sent Whiskas, q-tips and a box of Zanies mice--something for their tummy, their playtime & ear cleaning time! Thanks. Also jatcat sent a box with 2 cases of Friskies & 1 bag of Bonita Tuna Flakes. Thanks so much. Some of them will do anything for that bonito flakes! At this moment, there are 23 cats out on the outdoor enclosure watching one of the farm chickens! And again, Octavia just ate another cobweb! What a girl. One of the Muppet kittens had a sore throat, so they were all confined in their room for 1/2 of a week, but they are now out and about again, running and zipping around. Remember to save the Sept. 15, 2012 date for the Rescue Center! That's when FFRC will have a concert right here at the rescue center, with Mike Chamberlin!