Friday, August 5, 2011

Kitty Climbers

We have possibly 2 people coming this morning for adoptions! Dorri Lynne is still scheduled to leave tomorrow for her new home also. We had a special visitor yesterday. jla from the chat was here for a visit. She's thinking of the possibility of moving to Defiance, so she was busy looking at houses! I checked Cat's Corner Room yesterday to see how the 6 kittens were doing--not a one of them was on the floor! They were all six climbing everywhere on the cat furniture--sure looked like they were having fun. We had boxes yesterday! Colleen from Alaska sent fancy feast for adults and the kittens. Cobbis sent a case of Friskies variety pack. Dawn S. (a volunteer) sent some bonito flakes and a sink drinking cat dish (attaches to the faucet). Ada Jane is figuring it out! PJ sent some KMR liquid cans for kitties and Twinkles. Thanks to you all--everything will be well used! I would like to give a special thanks to Lois F. (Racer's mom). She made and sent a beautiful bag for me. It's a denim bag with designs of cats sewed onto the front--it's so beautiful. I will treasure it always. She also sent 4 really colorful pillowcases for the cats. Remember to vote for JJ, the "I'm too sexy for my fur" in the voting contest. The signature board that many of you contributed cards to is now hanging in the office--I love it! I just sent out more pre-ordered t-shirts yesterday. These should arrive in 3 days. If you have not received yours by then, please let me know. Remember, the 2012 calendars that Kate makes are now ready! They are $20, plus $3 for shipping. If interested, you can pay thru PayPal or send a check. Thank you all for being a part of this Rescue Center! We love what we do here and plan on being here for many many years! Many thanks to our volunteers also.

Denae and Subra