Friday, August 12, 2011

Lots of boxes!

We had another adoption! Our handsome Karrdash went to a wonderful home. He will definitely be a pampered pet and will never have a mat on him!. Good news also for Bubba, our giant black fella. A family stopped by, had heard of him and wanted to see him with the possible intentions of adopting him. They like him, the feeling is mutual & they'll be returning the beginning of the week to officially adopt Bubba. We'll keep him in the clinic until then as he seems to enjoy it there--lots of space & windows to watch out of. We had a special visitor here yesterday. Her cam name is Music. She and her husband stopped by. They are moving from Minnesota and making their way to Virginia. He's in the service, which we thanked him for. They have family in Indiana, and as they continued their trip stopped here at the Rescue Center. I was honored by their visit. Showed them the rescue center, the outside cats, and Cat's Cove. They also brought dry cat food, cat snacks & volunteer snacks! We had other visitors also that came to play and visit with the cats. Oh my, we had lots of BOXES yesterday!
  • Clarice G, from MI sent 4 cases of Fancy Feast (thanks for the card & your note)
  • Catman sent a beautifully framed picture of Thumper which is already hanging outside Thumper's Room (Pictures here)
  • Debra B sent 60 Zanies mouse toys (a favorite toy!), coffee packages, tea bag gift box, volunteer snacks
  • Michlynn sent q-tips, a blue rug & pillowcases
  • Sabrina T & Cantoncat sent 7 cases of can food
  • Lynn Flowers T sent 2 angel kitty beds (the kittens love to curl up in these). You can get an angel bed for your cat at Lynn's Etsy store
  • pjpanda sent 2 shirts for Racer & 2 shirts for me! (My shirts had "Oh my Garsh" & aaaaashaaaaa on them!) (My shirts read “smarty pants” and the other is a computer geek joke that I will spare you. Thanks PJ! :D -Kurt)

It's not a small thing when I say Thank You to everyone for your support. It is said with 100% sincerity. YOU all are a part of what we do here and your help is what makes us able to continue our work. It's a BIG thing, what you all do for us.

Clyde the goat seems to be doing well. He has lots of chickens, ducks, and geese right now to keep him company. I tussled with him a bit yesterday--his favorite game! Octavia is now into eating spider webs. She really is quite a unique cat! KW's wound is healing! Bettina & kits are out more and more, they are like speeding bullets! They are learning what the Putter Stare means; that HE is the boss of the place! That little Rizzo girl of Ernestine is very adventurous. She's escaped out the door several times and is already climbing. Paddy Cake has a little sore on his tail, but it's almost healed. Blinken loves the purple marshmallow bed. Nova promised me she would exercise more to try and slim down a bit (not sure if I believe her though). Bella went on one of her rampages yesterday! She zipped up the pole with steps on it and was zooming on all of the cat walks. When she does this, I have to close my eyes, although she's never fallen off. Georgia needs to be adopted by a family that will sit and hold her for hours, it's her favorite thing in the world. The new condo is scheduled to arrive today between 10-2.