Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking Good

All is well here, we have a healthy bunch! Zelda is out and about more and more and her wounds look clean. That Twinkle girl is amazing! She's figuring out how to move about the Rescue Center. She still spends a great deal of time sleeping, but that's ok, she never misses a meal! The mama and 5 kittens in Thumper's Room are becoming much more friendly each day. Tracer has decided he's joining this litter so he has some siblings again. We had boxes yesterday! Thanks to Bantry for the cool writing pads and pens. Thanks too to Cobbis for the 4 cases of Friskies--we were in need. Peekaboo sent baby rice cereal and Gerber baby meat--all needed items! Thanks to you all for your support. We also took in a new cat from one of our vet's offices. Her poor feet were worn down terribly bad by being on the road. She will be bathed today and will probably be out in the Rescue Center very soon. Subra was seen nursing from Queenie today--what a sight--she's as big as her mama almost. Paddy Purr was seen bathing 2 of the kittens! Please remember to vote!

New Kitten