Sunday, August 14, 2011

A great Wellness Clinic yesterday!

The cat condo did arrive Friday, but due to damage, we sent it back. We did keep the new scales and the bottom part of the condo. The company will be sending a replacement ASAP. Yesterday morning was our Wellness Clinic. We had 33 cats and dogs come in for vaccination up dates, so it was a good morning. It was wonderful to see Dr. Cindy and Lynnette again. In the afternoon, we did 12 spays/neuters for FFRC. The "candidates" were: Selby, Cinnabon, McCallan, Bettina, Peverly, Grominique,Telo, Tracer, Zelda, Yojimbo, Jobo, and the new tiger adult male, and all are doing great. The new brown tiger boy arrived Friday night. He was found behind a restaurant, a probable hit by car. His eye is very swollen and damaged. Dr. Cindy wants to keep him on steroids in the hopes of reducing eye swelling and possibly saving the eye. We're also applying special ointment to the eye twice daily. She also examined Twinkle. Her heart sounds good. Her rapid respiration is probably due to her anemia (from the fleas). This may possibly improve as her health improves. The physical for all the other cats turned up good results. Zelda, of course, still has some anemia but she is also on the mend. Her hip wounds are healing nicely. Bubba spent the day with us in the clinic yesterday and was wonderful. Bettina's kittens are now out and about most of the day. So cute! Ernestine's kittens are just now starting to eat a little by themselves. We had boxes to open on Friday!
  • Sabrina T Cat & Cantoncat: a case of Friskies
  • Linda M, a friend of Lilly's new adopted family: a water drinking fountain for Ada Jane & friends
  • twocatsfromnj: Bic correct fluid, Clorox wipes, trash bags, copy paper, sponges, post-its, paper towels, Mr. Clean magic erasers
Thanks so much for these donations. Don't know what we'd do without all of your support.

Jodi is fostering 5 kittens for us that need bottle feeding. She's had them for almost a week. Eventually they will find their way here when they're a bit older. Also Wednesday we will be taking in another mama and kittens. They will arrive about 7:30 on Wednesday. Saturdays volunteers: Stacey filled in for Gregg and Peggy filled in for Becky. Gregg wasn't here because he was having a garage sale for FFRC. He called yesterday and said he had $100 for the Rescue Center! Thanks Gregg! Today's volunteers are: Jodi, Mary H.,Martha L, Connie D., Cheri and Brandon. And of course, Racer! He has been multitasking doing many things for the rescue center.