Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 New Kitties

My big news is that my sister is here from Boise, Idaho for 2 weeks! She's here to help with our mom/dad!!! The water fountain is a great success. Ada Jane is sharing it with her friends. Putter likes it too! We took in 2 new kittens. Since they had been in a house situation, we brought them into the main area after only 1 day. One is a male, black/white (yes, another one), short hair, name is Warren (after a web-cam viewer). The other one is a girl, brown tiger/white, long hair, name is Yvette (after a web-cam viewer). We still have a few names left from Name a Cat from the Catathon that we will be using. Our new male adult brown tiger, Cabbage, is making friends and doing great. His eye, although still damaged, does look a bit less swollen today. Twinkle has progressed to walking about the entire Rescue Center now. She walks and feels with her paw. But she's becoming more sure of herself and walking with more confidence. She's wonderful and loves to be held. Zelda is again in my lap while I sit at the desk--purring and rubbing. Sure do like this girl! Selby, another new one, is a silly boy--has springs for legs and loves to run. Yesterday our volunteers were Judy S., Judy M., Dee, Martha L., Brenda, Caity, Dorothy. Today our volunteers are Mary E., Judy E., Gregg, and Pam. Jodi had to be gone some yesterday, so Martha L. took over the care of the baby kittens that are being fostered until they're bigger. Eventually they'll stay at the Rescue Center. Badu is becoming more relaxed and enjoying head scratches. We heard from the family that adopted Karrdash--all is well and happy there! We had boxes Monday night!

  • Shorebird: fancy feast kitten, Gerber meat, Keebler cookie/Cracker (for the volunteers)
  • hummer: pillow cases, pop tabs (for Kellen), note cards
  • jatcat: post it notes, blades, pens, permanent pens, brand new towels
  • jo91111: 3 big batters catnip toys
  • Thomas P.: pop tabs (for Kellen)