Thursday, August 4, 2011

The addition is paid for in full!

What a great thing! I went to Barth's yesterday and paid for the addition IN FULL! What a glorious feeling that was! We had another adoption yesterday. Sweet Joben went to his new home. He's such a sweet baby, I'm sure he's gong to be very happy to have his own home! What a happy day for Joben! Poor Marja fell from an upper perch today....but, believe it or not, she bounced, got up and walked it off (good thing for a little padding on those bones!!). She got some holding though and felt much better. Kurt William has graduated--his sweater came off and he's been 2 days now without it. The good news is, he hasn't bothered his old wound! Zelda is now out and about 24/7! She's doing so much better, skin getting more supple and you can tell by looking at her that she's happy! She's one of those "look at me and I'll drop and roll" cats! New torti mama, 5 kittens and Tracer are now moved into Cat's Corner Room That room is rocking and rolling, lots of fun going on. We had boxes last night! That's always makes for a fun evening. Quayside sent Purina Fish packets & Whiskas packets, Anna Marie sent Juicy juice boxes for the volunteers & BIG paper towels. Jatcat sent a marshmallow pillow for the HOUSE cats! Debra B. sent 5 boxes of Fresh Step Litter, and C & C Sylling sent a stethoscope for Thumper's Room. Bantry sent Gain laundry soap and kitty can food and treats for volunteers, Cobbis sent 4 cases of Friskies pate and Peekaboo sent Gerber baby meet & baby cereal! I would say we have a special link to caring, compassionate webcam viewers. Thank you so much for helping us. Everything that is donated, are items we don't have to purchase, which means I can concentrate on keeping our medical bills paid. Thank you! Farrah is on my desk right now, eating paper. What a nut. She only does this on my desk. The faster I pull it out of her mouth, the faster she chews! Our new girl, Gromminique is out and about now. Once we opened her pen door, she's never went back in. A real sweetie. Queenie still loves her "babies". She was grooming 2 of them yesterday. Putter is a little sore today so we'll do his 2 days of soreness meds. Seems to give him good relief for a while.


Bonus Crypto Kitten Video!

Cryptos sending Morse Code