Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Babbage goes home!

Another wonderful day! We had an adoption yesterday. Our sweet Babbage was adopted. The word already is that he's doing great! He's a wonderful kitty. So, just Dugster, Diffie & Turing went with Kurt last night. Also heard from Nabbat and Rumble's owners and they are also doing great. Queenie's new family called, and though she was a little sad the first night, she is now doing well. Thanks to volunteers Mary E., Ruth, Jackie S., Angie, and Michelle & family for their help yesterday. Kurt is working hard on the railing for the high catwalks. He has most of it cut out and will be staining the pieces soon. We sold 12 of the 2012 calendars in the last day! The kittens of Ernestine (the Muppet kits) have just started eating a little by themselves. Won't be long until Bettina's kittens will be out and about. Zelda is playing--she's becoming a play machine! Twinkle and Zelda are getting tons of TLC, which they both love. We had boxes that were opened last night! Sevren sent 1 case of Felidae can food (100% all meat) & 1 case of Friskies. (Isn't it amazing that these cats have friends from all over the world!) Anna Marie sent much looked for Fly Strips (for the sun porch),Ellenbeth sent 1 case of Friskies & 1 case of Kitten Fancy Feast and 60 Zanie mouse toys (extra cool mice!), Deb 11111 sent a neat furry tunnel, KMR, catnip flipper toys, baby food & 1 case of fancy feast. and Quayside sent Whiskas Purrfectly Fish packets (Octavia has already "thieved 2 packets!"). The new cat, Bubba, is doing wonderful! He's a very large black cat. He's very long and very tall, but very skinny. He's eating great though. He can stand on his rear feet and place both paws on the top of the counter! That's one long boy.