Monday, March 28, 2011

Cats on hold!

We had an adoption yesterday! AZA went to her new home--a home I think, is probably perfect for Aza! Her new mama will keep us posted. As you all know, Sensi continues to adjust beautifully! We now have a few cats on hold. This Saturday, Chat & Koori will be leaving together--what a fun pair to adopt! Also have Peterson & a friend (not sure who yet) will probably be leaving this weekend as well. Four wonderful cats! No kitties yet for Raza--she's still strolling around, but sure is big. Roadie has made some new friends which is very nice to see. Zander, the very thin tiger/white boy, who had to have a rear leg removed last week, is dong awesome. He's walking, half running already, and is eating everything in site. What a loverbug Zander is. Asha & Emaline were sleeping together for a while today in the purple flower. The cats had another Bonito flake treat last night! What fun--Octavia goes berserk for those treats--even catches them in mid-air. Have a program tonight to give to a group in Paulding.