Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Program for Oakwood Arbor

Last night I attended the meeting of the Oakwood Arbor Gleaners organization to give info about the rescue center and our spay/neuter clinic. At the end, they presented the rescue center with a gift card from Wal-Mart and then I showed them the star guest--Magentta! I've taken her before and she always behaves beautifully. The meeting was at a nursing home, so at the end of the Gleaners meeting, I showed Magentta to a few of the residents there. I do believe Magentta enjoys these outings. Raza is enjoying making us be in huge anticipation of the birth of her kitties. Ziva is doing much better after a bout of a cold. She's now eating on her own & her 3 babies are looking good. They are toddling around. Paddys got the fur shaved around their toesies yesterday. Bantry is a super busy cat--making cat friends & always into something. Peterson was napping with Pocus yesterday--maybe would be a good combo together. Zander has already gained 1/3 of a pound! Von Meow is learning to be a "jack of all trades"--he constantly follows Paul around watching what he's doing! I didn't realize till very late last night that the rescue center received 4 BOXES! We will open them later tonight. The cats have already tried opening them themselves--they were told to wait until this evening! The cats & I always appreciate boxes.