Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wed. 3/23

We had 2 wonderful BOXES delivery yesterday! jla (& her pets!) sent a box from Chicago. jla is a webcam friend. We received pawprint notepads, rearview mirror pawprint covers, boy catnip sockies, girl catnip sockies, a furminator, cat treats, cat massagers!! What an assortment & all will be used. The little sockie toys will be given away at the time of adoptions! We also received a BOX from Sarah S., another webcam viewer. She sent much needed KMR (kitten milk replacer). We're heading into the kitten season, so will especially be needing this. Many thanks to jla & Sarah. Have a person interested in our sweet, silly Sensi! Will know more after a visit on Friday. Mvula was spayed yesterday at our Earth Angels. She is doing fine & already back out among the others. No kittens YET from Raza. She just keeps waddling around. Sensation is having a difficult time--she keeps trying to mother the toys. We're paying special attention to her during this troubled time. Today is the day we will know if we won the Animal Rescue Site contest!!! No further seizure activity noted on Farrah. The last one was about 3 weeks ago, the one before that was almost 3 months ago. Grommit is doing awesome--he's even climbing now & we have a little more tail lift!