Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A full clinic is a happy clinic!

Hi everyone. We're geared up for a busy day today, a usual Tuesday. Clinic schedule is full. WIll take Mvula out for her spay today. No kittens YET from Raza. I do believe she must've been an athletic girl all her life--very agile & likes to climb. Putter is all puffed up--he's been groomed so much! Have a possible hold on Peterson--will keep you posted. Asha looked like she was ready to be positioned on her various spots already today--had a little sparkle in her eye. Kathy's 4 boarding cats will probably be out of their room this evening. Ziva is taking great care of all 3 of her babies--nice plumb tummies--just how we like them. Should be another nice weather day today--will open their outdoor enclosure again.