Friday, March 25, 2011

Yeah for volunteers!

I've said it over and over again. This rescue center has the best volunteers in the world! We have approximately 35 people that help make the rescue center and our clinic, Earth Angels, work. Some of the volunteers have been here from the beginning--11 years ago. Many come 1-2 times a week, some come every other week. They help clean, scoop litterboxes, feed "the gang", feed specialized meals to the youngsters and oldsters, help me with treatments, laundry, dishes, passing out tons of TLC--these are just a few of the things they do. We could not possibly do what we do here without their help. Our newest arrival--Zander, a tiger/white young cat, has recovered very nicely from surgery. He arrived with a horrible fracture in his rear leg. Because of the pain and inability to correct this fracture with pins, splint, etc., the decision was made to amputate this leg. He is already feeling much better. Zander is also so very thin, but his appetite is huge! I imagine he'll be out Saturday after the hustle/bustle of the morning.
Today, someone is coming to visit Sensi, around 10:30 ish. Sensi is such a joy--she has so much fun & is always making me laugh. Grommit has now mastered climbing up the cat furniture. He is just awesome. Bantry--who has been back with us for a few days now--is doing good. She's just fit right back in.
Paul is storing alot of the wall material and tools in the Cat's Corner Room & since we will be needing this room soon for babies, we're trying to hurry up getting all the wall fiber board up so that project is done. We have 5 more panels to put up, so we're taking a leap, and will go ahead and get the supplies to finish. That way our room will be ready when it's needed.
FYI--granddaughter Kellen, is doing good after her surgery in Philly at the CHOP hospital. They've been there all week & will be heading home Monday. Thanks for all your support in this ordeal. Special thanks to mary2u for your goodie bag for Kellen & Caryn/Chad when you met them. How so very nice of you.