Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sensi visit

All is well here. No kitties yet from Raza--she's looking pretty smug about it too. She just wants to eat and eat! Had 4 calls on Sensi yesterday, one of which will be coming Friday morning to visit with her. Roadie, our biggest black cat, has now become comfortable enough to cruise about! I love it when they reach that point. Our other new cat, Albus is also out & about now--i believe he feels at home now. Von Meow has been playing pranks on all of us--almost 100% of the time when we pass her, she reaches out & hauls us back to her for a head rub! She knows what she wants! Hoshi somehow got in the house yesterday--she's quite comfortable in there--that's what happens when there's kids going in and out. JatKat has succeeded in her quest of climbing all the way to the top of the 8 foot climbing pole! Ziva's 3 kittens are nice & round--have been held already & they enjoy it. Their little peepers are now open. I love how Ziva pulls them back to her with her paw. PaddyPurr has a little boo-boo on his nose--got scratched. Murka was making the Cat-Go-Round wheel buzz yesterday. Many thanks to Marlene who sent a large amount of carrier size cushies--they are absolutely beautiful. So appreciate that! Also thanks to jla for the KMR powder--we use an enormous amount of this with kitty season coming. Another thanks to someone (not sure who) who sent 2 cases of Friskies cans--so appreciate it. Step forward please, if you'd like, so I can better thank you! I am humbled all the time at the enormous amount of support we receive--it's inspiring to me. Thank you all. Just have to say it again--WE WON for the state of Ohio!!!!