Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Christmas in March!

Wow--what alot of fun we had last night. Had ALOT of boxes to open. So many "thank yous" to give. Canton-bunny toys, bunny ears (for Putter) & special treats for the Kitty City cats.  Mary2u--friskies, litter, fancy feast, cat treats, catnip toys, eye care pads, kong kickaroos.   Kywildcat--post it notes, banana catnip toys, fancy feast, KMR, tape, plates, huge rolls of paper towels, Reeces Pieces, friskies.   Quayside--fancy feast, friskie packets, cat treats, candy & pop chips for the volunteers.  We will also be receiving an awesome cat tree from Amber H. (adopted 2 cats from us recently). This is just incredible to me--the support we receive from the webcam viewers. You all have such huge hearts. I'm hugely appreciative. Putter has already worn his bunny ears, Octavia has "stolen" a food packet, the catnip toys are already being slobbered on, food is shelved, everything will be used!  Another big happening: Raza had her kitties! 6 little tiny bundles of cuteness! They're all doing well. We have 5 gold varieties & 1 torti (4 boys/2 girls). Asha walked twice on the floor yesterday a major achievement. Ziva & her 3 kittens are all feeling better and are now eating with gusto! 

Just wanted to add a quick reminder about our logo contest. You still have about 3 weeks left to design and submit your ideas! You can now find the contest information here at the blog (in the menu bar near the top of the page) as well as in the note on Facebook. Thanks!