Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26 Saturday

We received 2 boxes yesterday! Have I said before that we LOVE BOXES?!! The first was from Angelkitty. She sent 6 bags of Whiskas of indoor dry cat food. Thanks Angel! We put a plate of this food on the floor & they gobbled it right up! The 2nd box was from Dawn Schmucker & Bill Meyer. It was the extra tantalizing cat treats--dried bonito flakes. Top notch smelly treats--the cats goes nuts with it! Each & every cat got a little. Octavia spent a long time trying to retrieve the container out of it's storage spot--with success. She got it, bit holes in it & tried her best to get the lid off, which was also a success. What a girl. Had to give her a tad bit more, then put the container in the refrig. Thanks Dawn & Bill. We had a visit from Speedy & her sister. They brought a wonderful assortment of items that we needed. They also stayed and petted/brushed/scooped and dished out lots of TLC! All these donators are also webcam viewers. As you know, our Sensi girl was adopted yesterday--will miss her. Today is the first of 10 Meet & Greets for A Labor of Love (dogs) and FFRC. They will all be held here from 9 to 1:00. No kittens yet from Raza. Ziva's kittens have their eyes open & starting to waddle around. Asha finally made a decision on her own--she sat in my lap (instead of crouching down) and she also went from my lap, into a basket with Tumble. First time that she's done something like this! Progress for Asha.