Thursday, March 31, 2011


The kittens of Raza's are doing great--they look like tiny kittens with ping pong bellies now! Raza herself is also doing great and is eating alot. Ziva, the long hair calico mama, is feeling pretty spunky now--they licked the cold virus! She & I have been sharing feeding the 3 kittens, but I'm only doing it twice a day, she's filling in the rest. They are so people-oriented, that when the door opens, out they come at a wobbly pace to be picked up! Murka's sore paw seems to be better, at least he's running around on all 4's now. Not planning on removing Zander's sutures till Saturday, but he's plucking them out himself one at a time--told him don't be in such a hurry. He shared an Angel bed with Asha this morning--so sweet of both. Roadie was out investigating the far side of the rescue center this morning--his self confidence is building. He loves a good back scratch. After an evaluation of Grommit's tail, it was decided to bob it up shorter, so he doesn't have any potty problems. We'll work him into the surgery schedule when there's an opening. From 3/4's down, it's a "useless" tail, no feeling in it. Many thanks to KyWildCats for the various rugs--they're wonderful. I'd love to use them in Cat's Cove--would be great for their cement floor & when they lay in the sunshine on the floor. Also, thanks to Felinetoyz for the kitty milk replacement. We've already started dipping into our KMR for Ziva's kittens. It'll be well used. Have heard from Aza's new mom--she's adjusting, was a little lonely, but I believe Aza will bond very nicely with her new mom. She's getting lots of TLC.