Friday, April 1, 2011

Food galore!

We were unable to do Grommit's tail bob surgery yesterday--he still has a slight congested lung. He'll be rechecked next week. He's a happy boy and is climbing everywhere now, so obviously his hip fractures are healing. Asha is sitting in my lap and looking around--watching all the activity with interest in her eyes! Zander had his sutures removed today--his incision looks good, except for 1 tiny area--but it's healing. He is certainly enjoying this new lifestyle. Raza is very contented taking care of her 6 kittens. She lays in a "C" with her babies all tucked in. Ziva is definitely doing great now as are her 3 babes. The gold baby is Tinker, his black sister is Tinkerbell. The 3rd (foster) br. tiger is Cyrilla, meaning proud. It's so endearing the way Ziva wraps her front paws around them. We had BOXES yesterday arrive! kywildcat sent another rug--big and cushy! The cats slept on it last night. BETTY F. sent Friskies, cat treats & toys & 2 new big bowls. CANTON sent TWENTY cases of can friskies--this helps immensely. The cats took one look at that stock and brought out their plates and forks. I am so totally indebted to you all for your support. Since there were so many boxes, a Cat Castle was constructed-with holes so the cats can go from 1 box to another! We'll keep it around for a few days. What fun!
Von Meow had to have an extra toe nail trimming as she's using them to "rake" us into her. Whenever we pass her, it's like--Hold up there and pet only me! Hoshi has taken over the towel cabinet--saw her in there many times the last 2 days. Putter got a major groom yesterday. He wasn't too pleased....but we love him anyway.

Be sure to check out Jacci's TV Show "Cat Tales" which airs on DCTV -Defiance Community Television. The January and February shows are now up on our YouTube channel!