Monday, April 25, 2011

Kittens galore!

The 5 new kittens and Ziva's new kittens are spending a little more time each day out of their room. They wiggle, run, climb and scurry all around! Raza's kittens are just starting to play in their room. We heard again from Sensation & Lyrae's new family and all is well. Both cats are happy, lounging on couches and being nice to each other. We couldn't ask for a better update. I watched Octavia patiently wait yesterday for the chance to get into the food cabinet. And... Success! She got a packet! Cutie is wearing a pretty royal purple collar now. The paddys are both a little mystified by the kittens, they are not sure what their role is in all of this kitten business. Sylvio is wonderful--he's fit right in and would be great in his own home. Pocus spent at least 2 hours yesterday watching the birds at the feeders. Racer will be coming this week with the new cam--how exciting. We moved up from .64% to .65% overall in The Animal Rescue Site's voting. We're still in 10th place overall--what an honor. Please, KEEP VOTING!


Novak is an extra awesome boy. You can't get much cuter and loving than he is! His birthday is 2/23/2010, and he was just 6 weeks old when he arrived. Novak was found by a good person that brought him to us. His poor right eye was not a pretty sight, as it was protruding when he arrived. It's been surgically removed and the eyelids sutures shut, but he's still very handsome! Looks like Novak is always winking at us--he truly is quite the flirt! He is as he is, and we honestly think he looks just wonderful! He's healthy, happy and ready to be adopted. This fella is in love with the whole world, probably because he's been held so much since we just can't resist! He plays his heart out, until he's exhausted. We certainly do not consider Novak handicapped and he prefers it that way!