Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Adoptions!

We had 2 adoptions on Sunday. Hoshi & Von Meow were adopted and went to the same home! I think they'll be a good mix. They'll certainly receive alot of TLC as adult people will be home with them every day, all day! What a beautiful day we had yesterday--very warm. The cat's outdoor enclosure was open all day long, into the evening. I looked out there in the afternoon and counted 14 cats lounging in the fresh air and sunshine. Winter days are over. Dawn S. (a frequent visitor) was here and gave tons of TLC to everyone. The cats love visitors.

We have been asked a few questions lately about the "daily life" here at FFRC, so here is a bit of what it takes to care for the 80-110 cats and kittens in the rescue center and approx. 30 other cats on site in an average day:

  • Walls are washed daily in the 3 rescue rooms, floors are vacuumed and mopped 3 times daily.
  • We will use 35-40 cans of cat food, 15 pounds of dry cat/kitten food, & 40 pounds of scoopable litter.
  • Every piece of bedding is washed daily. When combined with all the towels we use, a total of 18-22 loads of laundry will be washed, dried, folded and put away.
  • 50-60 phone calls will be received
  • The treatment board is checked. This keeps us up to date on any medical needs such as worming, vaccinations, and testing, as well as things like grooming and toenail trimming.
  • If it's a surgery day at the Earth Angels clinic, several spays/castrations may be done on the rescue center's cats and kittens
  • Most days we will have adoptions take place as well as have incoming cats and kittens.
  • Lots of “behind the scenes” work such as ordering supplies, shopping trips to local stores, bill paying, reference checks for potential adoptions, answering emails, returning phone calls, keeping up with Petfinder, Facebook and the blog. 
And the list goes on!


Cloud is a grey, brown, and white tiger kitten with an extra cute face. Her nose is 1/2 tiger and 1/2 white. She was just 8 weeks when she was found by a volunteer, in their yard, close to a water dam--probably was dumped off there to be forgotten about. Her birthday is 6/2/10. She loves the peacock feathers and will chase them and try to drag them around. She loves to cuddle up in a cushy bed for her naps, sometimes snugging in with some of the adult cats. Cloud also LOVES to have her chin/neck rubbed and rubbed.