Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Showers

It's raining and raining. Even though we're all tired of the rain, it's a great source of entertainment for the cats. They love watching it come down from the windows. We have river in front of us and behind the farm property. I told the cats to line up the life jackets...just in case! Really though, we're safe here, as our property is high enough even when the rivers flood. We presented a program about the Earth Angel Clinic and the Rescue Center yesterday for the Florida Arbor of Gleaner's group. A wonderful group of people. After the program, they donated a gift card from Meijers and a truckload of supplies! We've been letting the group of 12 kittens out to explore 3 times a day for short periods. They're doing great. Little Tinker is the "take charge" boy, he is super nutty! The last 4 to arrive (the long hair kittens) all have names now--Lilly, Chaplin, Tibbits & Tibby. Tibbits & Tibby are look alike twins. Paddy Cake is completely captivated by them. He plays and follows them around. Heard back from Ziva's new owner and things are going good. Ziva is adjusting pretty quickly to her new home. Have a possible interest in Mvula. We had visits from Americat, Kilala and Blendi yesterday, all for nail trims. All 3 are doing great and look very happily spoiled! Racer will be here on Friday with the new cam!


Sevaun, Queen of Cat's Cove