Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our volunteers are awesome!

This week is National Volunteer Week. Our volunteers here at the Rescue Center and Earth Angels are a dedicated group of people who sincerely care about the welfare of animals. We, in return, are sincerely grateful for what they do. Neither organization would be what it is today without these volunteers. Their dedication is mind-boggling. We are extremely fortunate to have each and every one of them. Check out our local newspaper--an ad will soon be in it exclaiming our thankfulness to these awesome people.

We have already heard back from Von Meow & Hoshi's new family--all is well & both cats adapted beautifully to their new home. Someone will be coming soon in hopes of finding a long hair cat that would love them--maybe Albus? Kiara is at this moment curled up inside 2 pillowcases, fast asleep. Asha is also napping here in the office--all spread out in complete joy!  Twice yesterday saw Putter sleeping flat on his back with all 4 feet up in the air! Tumble and JatKat have also been playing tag, going around and around thru the open window going into the office and Kitty Campus Room. Raza's kittens are at the stumbly walk stage--so fun to watch.

We received some BOXES yesterday! Linda from Kansas sent KMR, Colostrum Powder--will definitely be put to good use with the upcoming baby season. Mary2u sent 3 boxes of scoopable litter and baby food. Both of these items are ALWAYS needed. E & W (quayside123) sent some scrumptious Purrfectly chicken variety packs and Raisinets candy (they volunteers will love this!). Felinetoyz sent  60 Rattling Rainbow Mice. These are the best mice toys ever. Also received a case of Senior Royal Canin canned food--this will be wonderful for our oldsters--it's a good food and they like it! Thanks so much to quayside, mary2u, felinetoyz & Linda from Kansas. My grateful thanks to all who help support us with supplies, donations, votes and kind words. 



Nova arrived in November of 2010, hence her name. She was 1 1/2 years old and her birthday is 4/15/09. She's a big girl, a black, grey, and white tiger American Shorthair. She has a very pretty "bulls-eye" pattern on her side. She's big time into being petted and loves to have her ears and chin rubbed. She also simply enjoys lounging and can often be seen laying in the sun on the catwalks under the windows, looking outside. She's a real pretty girl with a nice personality. Her fun time is in the evening when we dispense catnip. She LOVES catnip and just rolls and rolls in it.