Saturday, April 30, 2011

New cam is up and running!

Racer arrived and already has the new cam working. The picture is so clear and bigger--it's so nice. The difference is remarkable. We also did the audio a few times last night, including when we opened the boxes up. We'll have the sound on when we open boxes, during births, showing kittens/cats, during the night and at other quiet times. Otherwise, with the shop vac on, multiple people talking, radio on, phone ringing, it would bombard your speakers. The 12 group kittens have been having a bit more free time--they are the zippiest kittens! Some of them already are trotting on the Cat Go Round wheel. Asha is doing awesome, out & about more, watching the kittens, greeted me this morning. It's like watching a beautiful butterfly emerge! Two of our ducks are refusing to stay on the farm grounds, so they are here in the front yard all day and night. A great source of entertainment for the cats to watch. We received BOXES! I want to say our thanks to these people who help support us. Jatcat sent toys for the kitten room-a Chase Ball Track & a crinkly tunnel. They have already played a lot with these 2 toys. JLA sent dog toys and kitten toys & a "new look" for Putter which we'll show you very soon! Felinetoyz sent Senior cat food & a Pirate Ship Toy for the kittens (especially for AARG/Birk). Quay sent that scrumptious Purrfectly Chicken/Fish packets (they ALL love this!). Angelkitty3 sent baby food. We use this for the oldsters, mixing up kitten formula and of course Bella gets some too. Oskarsophie sent KMR and Bellyrubs Bonita Tuna flakes. They can find even a crumb of those flakes--such a good smell! Thanks to all for these wonderful donations. It helps us tremendously. We are very grateful. Please remember to vote--ask your friends, e-mail friends and family to help us win $$ for the rescue center. There's a project in mind that we would like to pursue, but need some funding for it. We still have t-shirts to sell. Let me know if interested. The logo contest will be coming to an end today--can't wait to see the results.


Stop by the Ustream channel tonight at 7:30pm EDT to watch Kitten Playtime! The 12 older kittens will all be in the Kitty Campus room with their new toys.

My name's not "Argh", ye landlubbers! It be Birk, but that be Captain Birk to you scurvy dogs, least ye walk the plank!