Friday, April 8, 2011

Roadie has a home!

We had an adoption--Roadie, by using his charms, got his very own home where he is already reaping lots of TLC!  All the other cats are envious. I told them, "Your time is coming". Already heard back from his new owner & all is well.  DCTV was here yesterday and did their monthly 1/2 hr. filming. We'll be getting March/April copies & I'm sure Racer will add it to our blog. Took in a new cat. He's handsome & so mellow. His name is Sylvio (Italian). He has black/white long fur and is 5 yrs. old. Maybe tomorrow he'll be out & about. We had a Jr. Girl Scout troop visit the Rescue Center last night. These are wonderful girls. They enjoyed visiting with all the cats. They also visited Kitty City and the Clinic. We had BOX deliveries yesterday! MEDIC101 sent 2 cases of Fancy Feast and QUAYSIDE & WILLIS sent 4 boxes of Whiska packets. The cats & I are grateful. It's mind boggling the amount of food we go thru here. It makes me feel "safe" when those food cupboards are full!


Octavia arrived at the end of September '09 with her brother, Sepp. They were about 6½ weeks old at the time. Octavia is very active and loves to play. She has gained a reputation as a sort of “Robin Hood” around the rescue center, due to her uncanny ability to defeat the latches put on the cabinet that holds the pouches of wet food. She loves to sneak in and carry off a pouch, which she then rips open and shares with everyone. It's not uncommon to see her and Missa (her partner in crime) hanging around the food cabinet waiting for all the people to leave the room.

More News!

Hi everyone, I just have a couple of announcements. First of all, everything has been ordered to set up the new webcam! I would like to thank the following people for their donations that went toward the hardware and supplies needed:

Mary D.
Sally and David A.
Linda T.
Elke N.

Also, thank you to everyone who offered to donate! The cam should be here in the next few days and I will make sure it works with the USB active repeater cable and powered USB hub (both worked fine with my own camera so it should be no problem at all). I will also make a housing and mount for it so that it can mount securely to the wall but also be easily removed and remounted in the office pen for live kitten births. I expect this to take about a week. I hope to be able to make the trip to Defiance around the end of this month to set up and install everything. I will keep you all posted.

The second announcement is in regards to the Google AdSense account and Amazon Associates account. Most of you know I set these two programs up around the 21st of last month. Thanks to everyone using the link on our blog to do their shopping at Amazon, the rescue center made $59.84 in referral fees. The total ad revenue from the Google AdSense program was $77.90, which brings the grand total for the last 10 days of March to $137.74! Thanks everyone, and keep using that amazon link!