Sunday, April 3, 2011

$1,000 winnings has arrived from The Animal Rescue Site

It came yesterday--the $1,000 check from PetFinders, thru The Animal Rescue Site for coming first in Ohio!!! We will be putting some on our bill for medical supplies and most of it towards our spay/neuter fund for the rescue center's cat. Thanks again for helping us win! Want to update you on the Staples supplies that were sent the other day--they are from MAMIE. The papertowels, glass cleaner, cookies, sponges will be very well used. Thank you so much, Mamie. We had 2 adoptions yesterday. KOORI and CHAT were adopted together into a wonderful home. We've already heard back from them & it sounds like things are going great. We had alot of visitors yesterday, a few to bring supplies, and some to stay and pet/play with the cats. A special visitor came--Dr. Todd from Dr. Pettigrew's vet office in Bryan. She's a wonderful person and we enjoyed having her visit. We had 19 adoptions for the month of March. 17 adoptions for Feb. and 24 for Jan. Remember TOMORROW starts voting again. Please tell your friends, family and e-mail connections. Maybe we can win one of the weekly awards??