Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time in the outdoor enclosure!

It was so nice yesterday, we opened the door to the cat's outdoor enclosure--they loved it! Had about 3 hours of having fun on their porch. Had a few visitors yesterday come in just to pet/play/brush. We always welcome visitors. It's what helps make the cats so extra friendly. We had a box arrive from BANTRY yesterday. She sent 12 washcloths, big box of 13 gallon trash bags, Tide HE laundry soap and 3 european sponge cloths(soaker-uppers). Washcloths are super soft--will wash alot of kitty faces. Bantry--can't thank you enough for your support. Wish you could come visit us! Also received boxes of paper towels (4 cases), sponges, glass cleaner & COOKIES! Love those cookies. Everything will be put to great use. The sender is unknown but maybe Amber? Whoever sent these supplies, we're very grateful. The new giant cat tree from Amber has arrived & will be put together today! Can't wait. The cats here have said it's ok for the cardboard castle to go to Kitty City for them to have some fun today. Will continue watch on Zander's incision--have added to his antibiotics & keeping a close eye on him. Cloud has been having extra fun with the new catnip toys. I get such a kick out of Ziva's kittens--the second the door opens, here they come to be petted--such sweeties. Raza's kittens all look like a glob of gold/white furry ball yet--they stay right smack close to her. Roadie spent 2 hours sleeping in the sunshine yesterday. Tumble has decided he likes the dogs & even jumps into their room to nap with them. Right now the peacocks are parading by the office door and Peterson, Mvula, Sensation, Cloud & Chat are glued at the door watching.