Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 More Adoptions!

We had two adoptions yesterday! Cloud went to her new home and will join 2 other adult cats. Cloud figured out how to do it finally. She really liked this lady and kept coming to her to be petted. Also Mvula was adopted. She went into a home with 1 other young cat that likes to play. It should be a good match. We also received 4 Boxes yesterday. Mary2u sent 2 cases of kitten fancy feast, and we're already using it! She also sent 2 Kong incline scratcher boxes and the cats and kittens are already playing with one of them. And along with that Mary2u also sent a big 40 pound box of clumping litter! Wow! Thanks so very much, Mary. We also received 3 other cases of kitten fancy feast and we are not sure who this is from, but please know that we're very grateful. Kitten season uses up a lot of kitten foods. Thank you! It's STILL raining. The 3 Defiance rivers are flooding, but truly, we're safe here, even with the river in front/back of us. Kiara is at it again and caught 11 syringes in a row (don't worry, they don't have needles on them)! The 6 kittens of Raza's are almost running now. They're so little and active. The 12 kitten group are playing, and generally causing kitten chaos, which we love. We still have t-shirts to sell. We have sizes small to x-large. It won't be long until we know the results of the logo contest. Kurt will be here tomorrow. Our Wellness Clinic for Earth Angels is today with a very full schedule. Sure is a lot going on! 



NOW is the time to get flea prevention on your dogs & cats. Fleas are already rampant this spring. Your pets cannot get rid of the fleas by themselves-they need YOUR help. Topical flea prevention is the best. Remember for every 5 fleas you see on your pet, there's 95 in your house or your pet's environment. Your dog should be on heartworm prevention year round. If he or she is not, please get a heartworm test and get your dog started on prevention. All it takes is the bite of 1 mosquito and your dog may get heartworm disease. This is an expensive disease to treat and it's hard on the dog. Prevention is so much easier and cheaper. Vaccinations are important, as they are what help prevent so many illnesses in dogs and cats. Most importantly, SPAY/NEUTER your pet. There are NOT enough homes for all the kittens & puppies being born.

Jonah, King of Cats Cove