Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two More Adoptions!

Had 2 adoptions yesterday; they seem to be going 2 by 2, which we all love! Manny and Bantry went to their new home together. They will have 3 floors at their new home to explore and loads of attention. I always miss them, but there's no replacement for their very own home, and that's what this is all about.

Thank you to Felinetoyz for your donation to go towards 2 spays for a family that needs a little extra help, it's so kind of you. We also received 3 boxes! Jatcat sent a neat cat bed, temptations kitty treats, an eraser for the message board, and toys. Also included were 2 box-cutters which I promise I will try not to lose! Thanks so much Jatcat--things for comfort, their bellies and for playtime! Thanks also to Quayside123 for the 2 cases of food packets. The kittens and oldsters especially like this. We are so grateful. The generosity shown to this rescue center is truly mind boggling!

All of the T-shirts ordered so far through PayPal and by the webcam viewers have been mailed. The 2nd group should get them by Friday. Please know that if the size isn't quite right, just send it back, and we'll fix that problem. If you would still like a T-shirt, just let me know. There's info below on this blog about the T-shirts. It won't be long until Racer comes with the new & improved camera--so exciting.

Some new names have been added to The Tree of Giving. They are Joyce Tortas, Ron/Pat Clemens, Otto Beindorf, Deboro Barcy, Aline Wilson & Linda Thompson. Thank you all so much! The tree looks great.



Murka arrived at the rescue center with his other 3 siblings when they were just 11 weeks old, and his birthday is 10/7/09. He's never ever been outside and has to go to an inside ONLY home, as do all the rescue kitties and cats from here. We always like that little bit of gold that's to the right of his nose--very cute. He has a huge personality, in all ways. He adores people and gets along with all the cats, it doesn't matter to him who he snuggles in with for a nap, and he will run and play with anyone! He loves to carry around a long peacock feather while the other kittens and cats chase the feather! He's a very handsome boy and will lay beside you or in your lap to take a nap, especially if you rub his chin and ears.