Saturday, April 9, 2011

School Program Given

A program was given to a local 2nd grade class yesterday. The cat's that went on the trip were Hiro, Magentta, Zeke & PaddyPurr. I also took Einstein, the parrot, with me! Such a great group of kids, well behaved, asked good questions. And the 4 cats were awesome. Hiro just walked around their "kid circle", purring and let each one pet him. PaddyCake laid in the middle of the circle, on his back, playing with a toy. A good visit! Thanks so much to MARY2U  for the box that arrived yesterday. We received Scoopable Cat LItter--we can never have enough of this. Mary--you are a gem--thanks so much for your support.  



Lyrae is a gentle white cat. She is named for Alpha Lyrae (also know as Vega), a type A white star which is the 5th brightest star in our sky. She arrived here thru no fault of her own. Her owners dearly love her, but have lost their home and are unable to care for her any longer. She's always been an affectionate , indoor cat. She's young, healthy and would fit very nicely into a new home. Her birthday is 6/15/09. Every time I look at her, I just think how gentle she is, a real sweetheart.