Wednesday, April 6, 2011

T-Shirts have arrived!

The t-shirts for the rescue center have arrived.  The 2 colors are blue and medium yellow, sizes small to XXlarge. The fronts say Pets leave PAWPRNTS on your Heart.  The back has Friends of Felines' Rescue Center  Defiance, Ohio.    They're very nice quality. Price is $15. Anyone can purchase them. If you need them mailed, you can pay thru PayPal or send a check--price would be $17 to cover the cost of mailing them. If you go thru PayPal, be sure to make a note that it's for the T-shirt, what size and your address.  Thanks to JATCAT for your BOX delivery yesterday. We received 2 SnuggleSafe heaters. We use these warmers alot for youngsters, oldsters, sickies, and for comfort. Now we have these heaters and the heaters that Mamie sent! Thanks so much! Grommit made his trip to Earth Angels yesterday to get his tail bobbed. He still has 3 inches left and now will be able to do "the lift" when he potties. He's a grand young cat and will soon go up for adoption. Please continue to vote for us!

Peterson, expert on dining etiquette
Peterson, Expert on Dining Etiquette.
Peterson--we sure do love him! He was born here at the rescue center. His birthday is 5/12/10. He's a very handsome grey tiger with white and has a white patch on his back. His mama's name is Lacina. Peterson was born loving everyone and everything--this is one friendly fella! We love watching him play with the toy coils--he carries them around with such pride (he must think it's a mouse!). Peterson is a very visual boy--he likes to be front and center so he receives as much attention as possible. He has it made--his mama is extremely sweet and he has been handled since the day he was born. Peterson likes to stretch out full tilt on the yellow table in the rescue center. I think he does this because he knows we'll come over and rub his belly.